Updated: Hyper-V Planning and Deployment Guide

Updated: Hyper-V Planning and Deployment Guide

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The Hyper-V Planning and Deployment guide is available online (here) and is constantly being updated with more and more information.  On top of this we periodically roll up this information into standalone documentation that is easier to take, print out, and use offline.  We just did this last week and rolled up the v1.2 release of this document:


Significant additions for this release include details on planning for:

  • Security
  • Authorization policy
  • Backup / recovery
  • Advanced networking options


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  • thanks for the info!

    Matt Cordeiro

  • Very helpful information! Any IT manager/admin worth his/her salt should know Hyper-V backwards and forwards. Glad to see this take on the important, but often-overlooked, security side of the equation.


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