The Secret of Monkey Island under Virtual PC

The Secret of Monkey Island under Virtual PC

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Getting back to playing all of my LucasArts games under Virtual PC, the next stop is The Secret of Monkey Island.  In many ways this was a land mark game for the adventure game format, and many people have fond memories of it.

You play “Guybrush Threepwood” who is a young man who is aspiring to become a famous pirate.  Along the way you develop skills (like insult swordfighting), fall in love with the local Governor Elaine Marley, and have to defeat the ghost pirate LeChuck.

The Secret of Monkey has a great sense of humor, challenging puzzles and the now infamous “impossible to die / fail” approach to adventure gaming.  Thankfully this game runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

monkey14 monkey11 monkey13

You just need to use VGA video and sound blaster for your settings.


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  • Believe it or not, in a SQL class with 16 participants only 1 (me) knew that something like Monkey Island exists. So I am glad to see that I am not the only one within MSFT :-)


  • Monkey Island was a great game, spent many days trying to solve the puzzles. I'll have to try and find it and run it under Virtual PC.

    Thanks Ben


  • this is really a fascinating game...thanks to Ben...great job....

  • I gotta think things like this would be more relevant if MS wasn't so oddly stingy with VPC host licensing.

    I just ran in to this limitation with Vista Home on a new laptop.

    My first impression?  I suddenly regret buying a machine with Vista pre-installed.  Second impression?  How to get past the artificial limit.

    Neither is a great user experience for Microsoft to provide.  After all, you just end up feeling jerked around for using Microsoft products.

    Ben - This might be worth discussing around the office.  

  • To the contrary, there are no host licensing restrictions for Virtual PC on Vista Home Premium, and there never have been.  It is not supported, but it is not prohibited by the license, and it runs fine.  Most of the misperceptions come from a misunderstanding of the word "supported."

    As of January 2008, there are also no *guest* licensing restrictions for Vista Home Premium within Virtual PC.  The previous restrictions can be explained in two ways: (1) Microsoft legal is filled with idiots, who screwed up the EULA and later had to revise it. (2) Microsoft tried to screw the customer, but they fought back, and forced Microsoft to back down.

    By Hanlon's Razor, explanation (1) seems to be more likely.  Of course, if you have anti-Microsoft prejudices, explanation (2) would be more logical.  Certainly, Microsoft Legal completely mishandled the brouhaha, and did everything it could to ensure that people had the worst possible perception of Microsoft's intentions.

  • Tom -> I installed VPC sp1 on Home Premium.  No problems installing it.  Running it on the other hand resulting in it reporting Home Ulitmate was unsupported and closing without running the app.

  • Xeno, that's unusual.  What *should* happen when you install on Home Premium is a warning during installation, which you then ignore.  You saw the opposite situation -- no warning during installation, but error (not warning) when running.

    There must be some additional complicating factor.  Try uninstall-reinstall.  Perhaps you can find help on the Virtual PC newsgroup -- microsoft.public.virtualpc  (not a web site -- do a search if you're unfamiliar with newsgroups)

    Note that Ultimate *is* a supported host OS, so your error message sounds wrong.  Some advice: get in the habit of providing exact wording of error messages, rather than paraphrasing.

  • I managed to die a few times in that game, if I remember correctly.  Maybe it was Monkey Island 2.

  • Hi Ben,

    Do you have a source to buy copies of the old Monkey Island games? Lucas Film Games does not sell them anymore.



  • There's one place to die each in Monkey Island 1 and 2.

    In 1, when you're left underwater by Fester Shinetop, if you wait 10 minutes underwater, you can die.

    In 2, you can die if you don't hock a loogie to get yourself out of the torture device fast enough.

  • The way you worded that post made me read to the end looking for a download link to a dos virtual image with the game on it!  I still remember banging my head against the wall trying to get jail cell key off of LeChuck's wall--who would have thought a compass magnet would be strong enough to do that?!

    You're right--this truly was a defining game in terms of setting "thoughtful" PC gaming apart from repetitive console gaming.  Next up--Loom!

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