Windows Virtual PC is Coming…

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Over on the Windows Blog, Scott Woodgate has given us a brief glance of Windows Virtual PC, which will be part of Windows 7.  One of the most exciting features is the new “Windows XP mode” which is designed to help people with Windows XP applications as they move to Windows 7:


You can read about it here.  Stay tuned for more details soon.


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  • I have been holding off on moving to VMWare for YEARS.  I have suffered with the no dual-core support and the no-USB support.  But this is a non-started.   With Microsoft moving to all 64-bit servers and my need to demonstrate on a laptop virtualized server environments - VMWare appears to be the only real choice.

    I used to work at Microsoft and apparently "that guy" on the team that said "wtf are we doing here guys" was out sick when the Virtualization team made this call.

  • In terms of getting Windows 7 x64 Virtual PC to work on a standardized business system, I can report that it does not work on a VT-enabled Dell Optiplex 755- it reports that VT is not enabled when I attempt to launch a standard 32-bit Win2003 server running SQL.  The system in question is equipped with a Core2 2.66GHz proc and 4G RAM, and is running at the latest BIOS revision.  Anyone seen this yet?

  • Ye freaking gods the sky is falling!

    Windows 7 has an innovative idea that replaces the evil "compatibility" stuff.

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Windows Virtual PC is Coming…