It’s a boy!

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You may have noticed a lack of posts from me in the last week, and you may have thought that this was strange – due to all the virtualization activity going on.

Well, my darling wife has just delivered our third child, and it is a boy:


As such I am currently on leave looking after my family and spending time with the new baby. I will try to get some posts up soon- but I cannot make any promises as to how regular I will be over the next couple of weeks.


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  • Congratulations!

    I hope You, your wife, and the rest of your family are doing well.  I can just imagine how great and fulfilling these moments must be for You and I hope that You make the best out of them.

    I always appreciate your posts and after due time I hope you will return to us, your audience, and deliver more insightful knowledge and information.

    All The Best,


  • Congratulations Ben! At first glance I thought that Virtual PC Beta is a boy... (Now I am working with it for a while and I try to strip it down) ;)

  • Congratulations! So from virtual to something real! Cool. :D just kidding! :P

  • Congrats Ben... and all the best for the family


  • Congratulations :) Enjoy every moment!

  • Congrats Ben! I wish you the best...

  • Congrats to you and your growing family.

    Best wishes!

  • Congrats.  Enjoy them while they are young!

  • Congratulations! Now enjoy with your family, we'll survive somehow without your posts :-).

  • Un bellissimo bambino !!!

    Congratulazioni !



  • Congratulations Ben!

    Enjoy! Dont miss this moment!

  • Thank you everyone!



  • Congratulations!

    wish you and your family all happiness in your life

  • Ben and your family,

    Many congratulations for the newest addition. Enjoy your midnight wakeups and loss of sleep - though given that this is #3, you're probably getting used to it!



  • Congratulations Ben! I wish you, your wife and children all the best


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It’s a boy!