Windows 7 RC + Windows Virtual PC Beta now available

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In case you did not see the announcements yesterday – you can now get your hands on the Windows 7 RC (release candidate) build for testing.  You can also download the beta of Windows Virtual PC, and the beta for Windows XP Mode.

Also, there is this handy article to help you to figure out whether your computer can run Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.

Please take the time to check this release out – and head over to our forum to let us know what your thoughts are.


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  • Does anyone feels that WVPC is a bit slower than VPC2007 running on Win7?

    Specially if we try to move the mouse around...

  • OK, the obvious question is this: given that many Intel processors don't support VT, and that many PCs come pre-configured with the support turned off even if VT is supported by the processor...

    ...why the heck does Windows Virtual PC 7 apparently remove the old emulation support and now require hardware virtualization?

    Put the emulation modes back in. This is a completely stupid decision.

  • Thanks for for posting this, Ben.

    Will Windows Virtual PC run on Windows 2008 Server R2?


  • I don't know if this is common, but I had Virtual PC 2007 SP1 installed on Win7 RC, and then installed this stuff.. and it killed my OS. No programs would run, control panel wouldn't work, etc... I can't remember the exact error, but the OS was acting like it couldn't run _any_ EXE. So that was the end of my Win7 fun.

  • Nichiolas: "This stuff" is the new Virtual PC for Windows 7.  It's possible having Virtual PC 2007 installed is not a supported configuration for it. :X

  • Ok, so I can install the beta and install your XP Mode VM, but how do I get access to my old (VPC 2007) VMs to boot in the new edition?

  • Is there any way to run windows virtual pc for W7 in 32 bit graphic mode? one of my xp apps requires that.



  • I'm new at running Virtual PC.  I installed XP mode on my PC that's running the Windows 7 RC and it's working just fine.  My question is do I need to install anti-virus software on XP mode or does the anti-virus software I have installed on Windows 7 take care of it.  Every time I run XP mode I get a warning message about not having anti-virus software installed.  Thanks....Mike C.

  • how about running Windows 7 RC1 as a Guest O/s, does it work.?

  • Are 64 bit guest OS's supported ?  This would probably be one of the biggest issue I face in development especially with the next generation of server products ony coming out for 64 bit.

  • I install XP mode under Windows 7 and I am having an issue with a Web based application.  We have expense report program which installs application data under C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\AppName.  So in the VM I ran IE6 accessed the website for the expense report software and it installed what it needed to under the folder above.

    I then made IE6 a Virtual Windows XP Application by creating a shortcut in the VM under the C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu and IE6 was published to the Windows 7 Start Menu as expected.  After shutting down the VM and running IE6 from Windows 7 as a virtual app, IE6 loads fine.  But when I access the expense report website the program attempts to verify that the applications data in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\AppName exists. However, it can't get there so it attempts to reinstall the required files in the Application data folder and fails with a message that it could not create  the folder \\User\Documents and Settings\Application Data\AppName.

    This application needs IE6/XP to run and due to the economy and cost to rewrite it to support IE8/Win7 so I believe it fits the bill in regards to being an application that we need XP mode for and would present a roadblock for us to move to Win7 if we couldn't get it running in XP Mode.

  • I can't believe there is no support for 64 Bit VMworkstation and Citrix VirtualBox already support 64Bit so why not VirtualPC


  • My laptop with Pentium M 1.6 is running Windows 7 happily, but I do need VPC running XP on it.

    It is very unfortunate that VPC no longer works without hardware emulation.

    I understand that W7+VirtualXP combo could be pretty demanding, and you don't want people to install VXP on the weak PCs.

    But please let advanced users override it, and install anyway.

    Otherwise it seems like a step backward from VPC2007.

  • How can I convert my old VHDs to run on Windows Virtual PC?

  • Wow, exciting stuff. As I understand it there is a good chance that I will be able to run my WinXP usb hardware drivers in the VWinXP guest, on a Win7 host. Of course I prefer to install VS in Win7, but if the hardware is fast enough, and if it runs in VWinXP, then the upgrade (and legacy maintenance) paths have been defined for me.

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Windows 7 RC + Windows Virtual PC Beta now available