Windows 7 RC + Windows Virtual PC Beta now available

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In case you did not see the announcements yesterday – you can now get your hands on the Windows 7 RC (release candidate) build for testing.  You can also download the beta of Windows Virtual PC, and the beta for Windows XP Mode.

Also, there is this handy article to help you to figure out whether your computer can run Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.

Please take the time to check this release out – and head over to our forum to let us know what your thoughts are.


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  • So I got me a new laptop, installed the RC for Windows 7, and I have to say the XP thing is just like the days of WIN/OS2.  It's a "good thing" IMHO..

    However for some reason, my NAT networking stops working on the VM's!  I've un-installed the virtual PC, and the XP os installer, re-installed (after deleting the VM's) and as soon as I get the XP guest installed and an IE short cut created the NAT stops working..

    My cpu is an Intel centrino vpro...  

    Any hints/tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • I agree with Mike Dimmick's comment. If at all possible we need support for host PCs with no hardware virtualization support (or that lack the option to enable it in the BIOS, as does my Acer 8210).

    However I wonder, as hardware virtualisation is pre-req for Hyper V, is it that this new verison Virtual PC share technology with Hyper V

  • I just wonder:

    Does this Windows Virtual PC provide complete virtual environment. I mean if i will run some program on this virtual XP, it will affect on W7 or not? For example, i will run  some virus on virtual XP mode environment- does it affect on W7 itself?

  • I can't seam to find a console, an application or even a control panel for Virtual PC. Just the Xp file and some .iso's.

    How do I get to the console to, say, adjust the memory for the XP machine, or, say, create other vitual machines. It was easy with vpc2007.

  • Never mind... found it... it's all attached to the folder structure, which I find really weird, and only found by accident.

  • USB support should be improved. Some USB Dongle can't use in VPC. May be they're work as HID device, and VPC not support that kind of device.

  • I installed Windows Virtual PC x64 on my system and then the provided WinXP Virtual machine. However, every time I start the Virtual machine I get a dialogue asking for the license agreement, user-credentials and Windows update followed by the "Initializing the virtual machine..." dialogue. The problem is that every time the dialogue reaches the "Starting operating system..." point it resets and then starts over at initializing the VM. I can't get it to work. I got two reinstalls of the feature, even more reinstalls of the VM and I just reinstalled the host and still no luck. Has anybody seen somthing similar and knows how to solve it?


    Core i7 920


    1TB (Raid 0)

    HD4870 1GB

    Win 7 x64 Build 7100

  • Unfortunately, since the XP Mode feature requires hardware virtualization support, it looks like there's no way to test it if you're running Windows 7 RC inside a virtual machine already...True?  Or is there a workaround?

  • VPC beta require hardware virtualization support. Does it mean that it use hypervisor from Hyper-V? How about compatibility of VMs/VHDs of new VPC with Hyper-V?

  • I cannot reinstall Virtual PC 2007 SP1 onto Windows 7 RC.  I would like to continue to use my development Virtual Machines i.e W2K3 however from what I have read Windows Server is not a supported Guest operating system using the Virtual PC within Win 7.  Are there any other options?

  • Time Sync and VPC Beta + Windows 7 RC

    Hi, I had been using some of the VPCs from PDC and to avoid the time bomb (until real releases are available) I had turned off time sync per your help, thanks!

    But on VPC Beta it seems that that is ignored! Now I'm stuck without the ability to run my PDC images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's the time sync disabling section just to show I have it right (was working pre VPC Beta)






               <allow type="boolean">true</allow>




                  <enabled type="boolean">false</enabled>




  • darkstriker - i am having the same problems as you

    also core i7 920, can't seem to find anything to help it!

  • Any macbook pro W7 testers out there experiencing "update is not applicable to your computer"?  I've got an Intel T7700 that the intel PIU detects as VT-X capable and all of the testing I've run appears to show that VT-X is indeed turned on.  However, whenever I try to install the update, I receive the above message.  Any thoughts anyone?

  • I really hope someone from MS is reading this forum. It is absolutely unacceptable that Hardware Virtualization is required to run Windows VPC. You mean I have to abandon my perfectly working tablet pc/Laptops and run to a shop to buy a new hardware becuase MS releases Windows PC? No Way!!!

    I have these old "Working" hardware that run VPC 2007 without issues, why this sudden enforcement of hardware virtualization. I know it helps with performance and security, but common guys, most of us that run VPC are technical users, we know to handle issues.

    Please release the requirement and allow installs just like for VPC 2007.

    Maybe anyone know a registry key that we can turn off to allow install. Thanks.

  • After reading all the comments it appears I WILL NOT be recommending the purchase of Win7 at work and may not even buy it for playing with at home.  Here in the real world are people that still have to support 2k because we have software that runs increasingly bad - or not at all - on more recent windows versions.  If I can't run a 2k virtual on Win7 it is worthless to me.  I was looking forward to Win7 but will increase my linux tinkering now.

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Windows 7 RC + Windows Virtual PC Beta now available