Windows 7 RC + Windows Virtual PC Beta now available

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In case you did not see the announcements yesterday – you can now get your hands on the Windows 7 RC (release candidate) build for testing.  You can also download the beta of Windows Virtual PC, and the beta for Windows XP Mode.

Also, there is this handy article to help you to figure out whether your computer can run Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.

Please take the time to check this release out – and head over to our forum to let us know what your thoughts are.


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  • I install a Chinese program in the guest system, and the application shortcut is not created in the host system.

    Is there any documentation on LaunchVMSal?


    What is the application ID, how can I find it to manually create the shortcut if the automatic creation does not work?

  • Will this capability be INCLUDED in Windows 7 or will it always be a download add-on?

  • Its very unpleasant to hear your system couldn't run VPC without hardware virtualization. Are you going to make additional versions for such kind of systems?

  • I am running it as well but cannot find anything about VMCPropertyHandler.dll,LaunchVMSal

  • I have install Windows 2008 on vertual pc,

    But it could not fing hyper-v role to active hyper-v on windows 2008.

    Is that correct?

  • Oops.. Sorry.. I dont read all this as I am having the exam 2mrw. Sorry if i repeat or ask silly. Please answer me for this.

    Is it possible to install Windows 7 RC on the virtual PC 2007 which I have in Vista?

  • I am trying to install windows 7 x 64 on microsoft virtual PC 2007 running on windows xp x64. But it says that my system does not support x64 . Earlier i have installed windows 7 x  as host. It worked fine. I know that my processor is x64 enabled. can anyone clarify.

    It would be helpful if u could mail me the solution to

  • I have installed Windows Virtual PC Beta on a PC with Windows 7 RC 64bit. I have created a virtual computer and have installed Windows 7 RC 32bit on it. Everything works fine. I have installed some updates on the virtual pc and installed the integration features. The virtual pc was resarted several time successfully. After I have sshut down first the virtual pc and the the physical pc. I wanted to restart both. When I wanted to start the virtual pc I received a message such as "Unable to start the virtual pc due to insufficent memory". The physical pc has 4GB memory and the virtual pc is configured to 512MB. I have checked the phyical memory in task manager. It's about 3GB and there is no other program running. Whats wrong?

  • I am running Win7 RC 64 bit version, with Windows Virtual PC Beta.  I've installed the XP Beta VM, as well as imported a Windows 2008 server, Built a Windows 2008 server, and imported a Vista VM.  All of the imported VMs were built using Virtual PC 2007 SP1.  All are working fine, and I am using them to study for upgrade tests.  The interface was not that intuitive, but I worked it out.  But I agree that lack of 64 bit support is a serious problem.

    MS seems to seriously under rate the importance of giving it's support and development community the cutting edge virtual environments they need.   Hence we have to turn to third party tools like Sun VirtualBox.  MS is losing customer confidence and "street cred" in the process.  We had the same problem with Vista.  MS's virtual platforms did not support it until Vista had been released.

  • Hi,

     I noticed an earlier post about virtual pc failing to install after 92% mark or so and reverting.  I haven't seen any answers as to

    why this might be happening, so I thought I'd

    ask as well since I am having the same problem.

    Phenom x4 940

    4gb ram

    2x wd raptors

    3x nvidia 260 gtx

    asus m3n ht, 780a sli chipset


  • Its a shame, but, Acer, choose to disable VT instructions, and the Acer bios, doesnt have an option to enable it.

    But there are worse news,  with windows 7 virtual pc 2007 doesnt work either... so..

  • WindowsUpdate Error 80070011

    They need to fix the Virtual PC Beta to work with Junctions. I have my Program Files on another hard drive and my guess is that error is complaining about that.

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Windows 7 RC + Windows Virtual PC Beta now available