Disabling Integrated Mode in Windows Virtual PC

Disabling Integrated Mode in Windows Virtual PC

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Earlier this week I talked about integrated mode in Windows Virtual PC.  And there I mentioned that there are times that you may want to disable integrated mode.  You can do this on a running virtual machine by using the tools menu:


You can also permanently disable integrated mode by disabling integration features under the virtual machine settings:


But what if you need to disable integrated mode while a virtual machine is booting?  Normally when a virtual machine with integration components installed is booting on Windows Virtual PC you will see the following display:


But what if you need to boot into safe mode?  Or are trying to reinstall the operating system? 

Well, you can do this by hitting “SHIFT + ESC” on this dialog.  You will then get access to the virtual machine session with integration features disabled.  This can be very handy at times.


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  • Thanks for this article, it gave me the information needed to back out the hole I dug myself into.

    There is an additional reason for disabling integrated mode, there may not be a login for the VM, but once integrated mode is enabled there doesn't appear to be a way to get into the VM without logging in. Knowing how to turn off integrated mode solved the problem.

    I support some clients with VB6 projects, different versions of Crystal reports and other third party dlls. When I went to Vista as my primary OS I found that VPC was a great way to sandbox each client's project code and dlls without cluttering my current OS and projects with antiquated tools. Now that I've installed Win 7 and WVPC I'm finding it more cumbersome than I'd like to bring the old VPC images into WVPC than I'd like, but I'm getting there.

    Thanks for the articles and tips, I'll be back


  • Thanks for the Shitt+Esc tip. I have always wanted to find out this without actually disabling IFs in the VM settings.

  • It was bad enough that Microsoft neglected to include 64Bit support but turning Virtual PC into a platform for backwards compatability to XP means that I can no longer use it for Product evaluation and learning. Turning off Integrated mode is essential if you are running a virtual DC and then working with the virtual machine without the ability to drag and drop or cut and paste between the host and the vm means that it is now un-usable for me.

    Thanks microsoft

  • Hi Ben,

    I have a Windows 7 Pro machine on which I have a XP Mode virtual machine setup.  In setting it up the installation put a password in (not me), and when it is loading the password is remembered in the screen logging on, which it just flashes through.  My problem is my anti-virus has become corrupted and it needs a safe mode boot to run the cleanup utility.  Your tip about "Shift + Esc" works bringing up a safe mode vm window, but I am prompted for a Password I don't know.  When fully booted I tried going to the user profiles (XPMUser was created for me as administrator) and changing the password, but as I don't know the old one I cannot do this.

    I would greatly appreciate some advice



  • Thanks, took me a long time to solve my problem. This was the final piece of the puzzle!

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