Multiple Seamless Applications with Windows Virtual PC

Multiple Seamless Applications with Windows Virtual PC

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We have spent a lot of time telling people how Windows Virtual PC and Virtual XP mode will allow them to run incompatible legacy applications on Windows 7.  Unfortunately a number of people have come away with the impression that you can only do this with Virtual XP mode and that you can only run a single application at a time.

This is simply not true.

Using Windows Virtual PC you can access seamless applications from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 virtual machines.  You can have multiple applications running seamlessly in a single virtual machine, and you can have seamless applications running under different virtual machines at the same time.

If you look at this screenshot:


You can see that I have Internet Explorer and a command prompt running under the same (Windows XP) virtual machine.  I then have Windows Live Photo Gallery running under a separate (Windows 7) virtual machine.  All three of these applications have been launched directly from my start menu in Windows 7.


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  • It's wonderful, just when will there be a linux client support!

  • Good stuff Ben!  Just a question, does this require Windows 7 Pro,  or can I do this on the Home Premium? Thanks.

  • I have a Firewire device with drivers that only work on Windows XP. Will I be able to use this device in Windows XP mode?

  • I can testify to the awesomeness of this.  While I've only used apps from a virtual WinXP machine, I've had several open at once: VB6, IE6, SalesLogix Web Manager version 5.2, and OnTime.  It makes life so much easier.  It's pretty stable - had a few hiccups, but I'm on an RC OS and a beta of virtual PC, so I can live with that.  This totally rocks.

  • MS have done too bad by 1.locking VPC 7 to Windows 7. 2. Requiring processor virtualization for XP Mode.

  • Ben, I think then that there may be a bug that needs to be investigated and followed up on.  Several usually-reliable people in the tech press have tested it out and found it to fail.  Perhaps it only fails on certain edge cases.  Perhaps it works reliably on current builds that we don't have access to.

    Either way, you could create a lot more confidence with an investigation/explanation of the discrepancy, rather than just a "works on my machine."

    I've found that seamless XP mode is a bit "magical" -- I was able to break seamless mode entirely on a VM with some configuration changes (I really don't remember what I did -- I didn't touch any of the integration checkboxes).  Perhaps the reviewers did something similar.  Maybe this isn't even a a bug, but just needs a whitepaper telling us what not to do if we want seamless to work fully.

    Just a suggestion.

  • Is there anyway to use Virtual PC on Windows 7 without hardware virtualization support.

  • I need to run an ethernet connection that runs a nailed up VPN Citrix conection to my customer. In XP I turn off one ethernet adaptor (my LAN) and turn on the VPN other ethernet (VPN) and then can log into my corporate user accounts.

    In Vista 64, this just will not work.

    Will the Virtual XP in windows 7 (64bit) allow  me to use one network adaoptor for Windows 7 64 bit and another network adaptor for XP 32 and either switch between them? Or use both adaptors at the same time?

  • wonderful information that is good info for windows 7 users....


  • angst911 -

    That is not planned at this point in time.

    Jeff -

    You can do this with any version of Windows 7 that can run Windows Virtual PC (so yes - this will work on Home Premium).

    Greg -

    Unfortunately, no.  We are supporting pass through of USB devices, but not of firewire devices.

    Tom -

    Please make sure that you file bugs on

    Johan Ericsson -

    No, Windows Virtual PC requires hardware virtualization support.

    Ron S -

    This will work with Virtual XP Mode, but only applications running inside the virtual machine will be able to access the VPN resources.



  • Ben, I'm on a Win7 Pilot here at work and am running into a few issues with 64 bit compatibility and other conflicts. I was hoping that the Win VPC would help me out. It is a step in the right direction but still not really what I'm looking for. Can you tell me if there is any hope for me with these issues?

    1: I have a Sprint wireless card, they do not support Win7 yet. I attached the device using the USB option in the VPC and got it to work, I can open IE Explorer and have a connection but that connection does not work on the Win7 side so I have no way to check email etc.

    I tried calling the Sprint software and running it under the VPC apps from the Win7 side but it couldn't find the device.

    Any suggestions on how to get the connection from the VPC side to the Win7 side?

    2: I really need Netmeeting, I can get it to run on the VPC but would like to have it as a callable application from Win7.  Since this is a pre-installed app on the VPC it doesn't have a shortcut in the Win7 side. I tried uninstalling Netmeeting (3.01) and reinstalling to see if it would add a shortcut on the Win7 side but it tells me that "this version of Netmeeting can't be installed on this version of Windows"  So I did a rolback to get NM back again.

    I looked at other shortcuts to see if I could manually add it but I got lost when they ran it through the dlls etc. Any suggestions how to get a shortcut to NM from the Win7 side?  

    Thanks in advance for the help!!

  • Hi Ben, I'm fairly new to Virtual PC stuff, but I have a situation where I have:

    - Windows 7 Ultimate.

    - A current version of some software that runs native on Win7

    - An older version of the software that runs on XP.

    What I want to do is to have the old software running inside vXP, and the new software in Win7 - so far, so good.

    What's making me tear out my hair is trying to understand the networking.

    The PC (it's a laptop) has a wired and a wireless ethernet connection.

    I want to be able to have the vXP appear to the host to be just another PC on the same "LAN", and vice versa (the two versions of the software will network together).

    What's the best way to get them to play nicely together, if possible even when there's no network connection available?

    I'm confused by the many networking options available- NAT, loopback, Wifi, wired...

  • Just more m$ junk, try vmware or virtual box superior alternatives, and get the right meaning for seamless mode, and multicore capabilities.

  • Hi Ben,

    I have installed the Virtual PC 2007 in couple of Windows 7 boxes and created Windows XP virtual machines in them and also installed Oracle 10g Client in the XP virtual machines. I have another box which has a Oracle database installed. The problem is that when I am operating the SQL+ from the XP virtual machines the connection to the oracle database is getting disconnected for every 5-10 seconds. I could not find any issue with the Network adaptor or the oracle database. could you please suggest what could be the reason behind this?

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