Windows Virtual PC RC now Available!

Windows Virtual PC RC now Available!

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You can go and download the RC release for Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode now:

Some key changes in this release include:

  • Granular drive sharing

    In the settings on the virtual machine, you can select specific host computer drives to share with the virtual machine.

  • Manage USB devices with virtual applications

    While running virtual applications, you can manage USB devices by using the Virtual Applications icon on the task bar.

  • Windows XP Mode tutorial

    A Windows XP Mode RC tutorial, which introduces the product features, is displayed during Windows XP Mode Setup.

  • Jump list for virtual applications

    Right clicking on the virtual application icon for Windows XP Mode, on Windows 7 taskbar, displays a jump list that allows one to easily launch virtual applications from the taskbar.

  • Faster Windows XP Mode Setup

    Windows XP Mode Setup completes more quickly than in Windows XP Mode Beta.

  • Compact differencing disks

    You can compact the differencing disks to decrease the file size.

  • Ability to install Windows XP optional components

    Windows XP optional components can be installed in Windows XP Mode RC without prompting for Windows XP media.

  • Ability to choose a location to store virtual machine files for Window XP Mode RC

    When you are setting up Windows XP Mode RC, you can choose where to store all virtual machine files for Windows XP Mode RC. The default path is: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines\.

  • Option to turn off and discard changes when Undo disk is enabled for a virtual machine

    An additional option is available when you are turning off a virtual machine: Turn off and discard changes. This option will delete the current Undo disk, and turn off the virtual machine.

Please grab this release and let us know how it goes.


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  • The 64 bit download mistakenly gives you the x86 download!

  • currently the x64 link is broken.  We are trying to get this fixed ASAP.  In the meantime here is the direct link for the x64 bits:



  • Ok is it me or am i being silly but where is the ability to change the parent disk if it has been moved ? i had to write a app to do it in the end...

  • You say, "let us know how it goes". I don't see a forum, so I'm guessing this is how we let you know.

    I installed the 32-bit version on a laptop with Win7RC and it works great.

    On my 64-bit desktop, I can run VMs fine, but I can't creaate them. I don't get the icon in the start menu like I did on the laptop. When I pull up the Virtual Machines folder via Program Files, it doesn't include the cirtual machine options such as "Create virtual machine" on the toolbar.

    Is this a 64-bit thing?

  • Has the incompatibility with the Windows Mobile emulator been fixed?

  • How upgrade Windows Virtual PC beta to Windows Virtual PC RC? and How upgrade XP Mode Beta to XP Mode RC?

  • This is great news. I really enjoy how this Virtual PC iteration is working on Windows 7.

    Question:  Any chance that a updated (even if not as feature-rich) version will eventually be released for all the XP Pro user-base out there in enterprise environments?   Sure, the benefits of XP Mode are not really needed on an XP host but some of the other features like USB pass-through support with VPC would be appreciated and well as bring it more in line with some other virtualization solutions that do offer that capability.

    Not complaining...just hoping and wondering...

    Thanks for the hard work and always awesome VPC posts!


  • I installed the XP Mode and it runs great. I need the Virtual PC XP Mode for running a videogame that is not yet compatible with W7. the problem is that I cannot install the videocard drivers (ATI Radeon HD4890) because the VM installs a virtual S3 card and the ATI installer does not recognize it as valid ATI videocard (obvious)

    is there any hope I can run that videogame (Hard to be a God) under the VM? do I have to install normal XP to play it?

    thank you in advance.

    PS: I'm running Core i7 3,4Ghz CPU, 6GB DDR3 Ram and ATI Radeon HD4890 videocard so I don't have computing power problems and I am also curious of how this videogame could work under the VM (if it will work)

  • USB in Windows XP mode? How about USB support in Virtual PC then?

  • Per the instructions, I uninstalled the previous versions of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, downloaded and installed the new RC versions of these products.  Everything installed fine,but within the XP virtual machine I do not have access to any of the other resources on the my network.  Previously they were all visable.  I went though the normal XP network set up, but the only thing that is visable within XP is the XP machine itself.  My network is a simple non-domain network named WORKGROUP.  What do I have to do within the Windows XP Mode virtual machine to see the printers and other systems on the network.

  • Can you change the VM path offered to the user by default?  In previous versions, you could use the MYVIRTUALMACHINES environmental variable.

  • One more thing--if you're in the Network Configuration Operators group, the setup fails to install the networking component correctly (however, you can add yourself to the NCO group AFTER installing VPC and it works fine).  This also affects Virtual PC 2007 and was considered a bug in Virtual PC 2003.  Is it now a feature?

  • Last question--are there any command-line parameters that allow you to install VXP silently?  The standard ones don't seem to be working.

  • Don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but here it goes...

    I just installed the RC and everything works great except for a minor thing, when I maximize a seamless applications it covers the Windows 7 taskbar can't tell why...

    Any ideas?

  • Very few people can use this today. Please release Windows Virtual PC for XP and Vista.

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