Windows Virtual PC RC now Available!

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You can go and download the RC release for Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode now:

Some key changes in this release include:

  • Granular drive sharing

    In the settings on the virtual machine, you can select specific host computer drives to share with the virtual machine.

  • Manage USB devices with virtual applications

    While running virtual applications, you can manage USB devices by using the Virtual Applications icon on the task bar.

  • Windows XP Mode tutorial

    A Windows XP Mode RC tutorial, which introduces the product features, is displayed during Windows XP Mode Setup.

  • Jump list for virtual applications

    Right clicking on the virtual application icon for Windows XP Mode, on Windows 7 taskbar, displays a jump list that allows one to easily launch virtual applications from the taskbar.

  • Faster Windows XP Mode Setup

    Windows XP Mode Setup completes more quickly than in Windows XP Mode Beta.

  • Compact differencing disks

    You can compact the differencing disks to decrease the file size.

  • Ability to install Windows XP optional components

    Windows XP optional components can be installed in Windows XP Mode RC without prompting for Windows XP media.

  • Ability to choose a location to store virtual machine files for Window XP Mode RC

    When you are setting up Windows XP Mode RC, you can choose where to store all virtual machine files for Windows XP Mode RC. The default path is: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines\.

  • Option to turn off and discard changes when Undo disk is enabled for a virtual machine

    An additional option is available when you are turning off a virtual machine: Turn off and discard changes. This option will delete the current Undo disk, and turn off the virtual machine.

Please grab this release and let us know how it goes.


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  • I have a 3 monitor setup, each having a resolution of 1920*1200. If I start a remote application (e.g. IE6 in XP mode) and my middle monitor is the primary monitor, there's no way you can drag the window on the left monitor.

    Besides this, if my left monitor is the primary monitor, once I get all the way on the right monitor, I can't drag it to the edge of that monitor. At about a quarter of the display I hit a "wall" and beyond that the application looks garbeled.

    If you want some screenshots, or more info, feel free to contact me at: jeroen at landheer dot com.


  • Thomas Pleasance -

    I do not think this is in the UI, but you can script it.

    Mike Yeager -

    The web forums are here:

    For your issue - check:

    Kevin Daly -

    No, and this will never be fixed.

    JP -

    There is no supported upgrade from beta to RC.  You need to uninstal and reinstall.

    Claus Valca -

    No, Windows Virtual PC uses a number of features that are only available in Windows 7.

    Sheriff -

    This is not possible.  Virtual PC only ever emulates an S3 Trio, and you cannot access your physical video card.

    william -

    USB is available generally in Windows Virtual PC.

    dnreynolds -

    You should try changing the network settings in the virtual machine settings for Virtual Windows XP.

    ac -

    You do this with a script now (MYVIRTUALMACHINES).  It is on my list to blog.

    dev -

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this.

    anonymuos -

    Windows Virtual PC uses a number of features that are only available in Windows 7.

    MikeMS / Sebastian L. / anonymuos  -

    We are looking at what to do here, but for now VT remains a requirement.

    Anthony Main -

    The first thing I would try is to update the BIOS.

    Dermott -

    We have made some changes to power management that are not working on some laptops.  In the mean time you can use Seti@home to get it working (

    Martin -

    This is a limitation of Remote Desktop today.  We are working to make this better in future releases - but this will be the way it is for Windows 7.

    Tim Fisher -

    Thanks for all the information!

    Ishtar -

    The emulated hardware is pretty much the same as always.  What is wrong with a Sound Blaster 16?

    Dan Crouthamel -

    What sort of hardware are you using?

    Jeroen Landheer -

    I have exactly the same problem with my computer.  Unfortunately we are unlikely to fix this for this release.



  • Running the VPC RC in Windows 7 x64 RTM - pulled in my VM's from VPC2007 and I've run into an odd thing.

    I set the networking to bridged (onto my main nic - Marvell Yukon 88E8056 - motherboard Asus P5Q-D) and it gets an IP from my DHCP server etc. but is dead slow for copying files across a share to it from the host OS.

    If I set it to shared the speed is much better but I'd prefer the VMs on my main network not their own NAT.

    Wondering if you have any thoughts?

  • I have tried the RC on Windows 7 x86. I need to use Windows 2k inside the virtual pc but the integration components are no longer supported on windows 2000. What is that about too mean? I should not run windows 2k inside a virtual machine. Isn't that the reason for using a virtual machine to test stuff on older systems?

    What further complicates matters, is that network file transfers are painfully slow (like 32kb/s). If it stays that way this software is totally useless for me.


  • I too have virtual PC's that seem to run slow. Never had this issue on VPC 2007. When running task manager to monitor the CPU usage, the Utilization shoots through the roof. Also have bad stuttering when it runs fine for about 5-6 seconds then stalls.

  • Any idea when the performance issues are going to be solved? The way it is now VPC on WIn 7 is compeletely useless. I was stupid enough to migrate to Win 7 now I have to go back to Vista to get VPC2007 or maybe go to VMWare.

  • Virtual PC under Windows 7 is painfully slow compared to Virtual PC 2007...  

  • For a pre-existing VM, make sure you uninstall VM Additions installed by VirtualPC 2007 as they hamper performance in Windows 7 Virtual PC.  File transfers between host and guest got  a lot quicker after I did this.

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Windows Virtual PC RC now Available!