Windows Virtual PC Team Blog Launched

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The Windows Virtual PC team have started a team blog over here:

So keep an eye on it for more information coming out about Windows Virtual PC.


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  • There's a VPC team?? I've always just had this image in my mind that you were the lone guy putting a herculean effort into developing the product. :)

  • WVPC is working great on all of my Windows 7 enterprise installs. One thing that threw me a bit was how to import my existing VM's from Virtual PC 2007 into the Virtual Machine library on my Windows 7 Ent machine. (I think library is what it's called). I read articles that just stated "import old vm's" or something similar. Well, the trick for me was to get the *.vmcx files created. just throwing the *.vmc files into the library and double clicking on them ion the WVPC library didn't do anything because it wouldn't seem to recognize it as a VM. Anyway, once I figured out I needed to "Create virtual machine", name it and "use an existing hard disk" I was on the right path, it created the *.vmcx it was apparently wanting to see and I was good to go. It would be very useful for some decent documentation on that process although there might be and I just missed it..

  • Actually, to import a VM to WVPC, all you have to do is double-click the .vmc file from wherever!

    Do NOT copy your VMs to the library - WVPC will automatically create the required .vmcx files... :)

  • Hmm. That is what I thought too, but double clicking only brought up the option to associate it with an application. I tried that too (associating it to VPC) and that did not work. I was able to get around the problem though but I'm not suire why I had to.

  • I'm also surprised there's a VPC team!! I though Microsoft only had teams for Hyper-V now and once in several years, they would service VPC and Virtual Server. Virtual PC seems almost nearly dead with the least feature set compared to competition and the narrowest target audience with the processor virtualization and Windows 7 requirement. Microsoft virtualization teams don't care about Windows XP and Windows Vista customers any more.

  • Josh Einstein -

    Sorry to shatter your illusions :-)

    JB -

    Thayu is correct, and that is how I bought across all of my VPC 2007 virtual machines.

    Anonymous -

    Virtual PC and Virtual Server have been maintained and developed by a second team since we started working on Hyper-V.



  • Failure. Complete and utter failure. Windows Virtual PC is garbage. The complaints for years have been the lousy interface, the lack of 64bit, only a single level of undo. Now, the product is worse. Sure the Windows XP mode is cool and I like the abilty to publish seamless applicaitons to my Windows 7, but I have lost one major feature I used every day with VPC 2007. No Drag and drop, this kills me. this is why I never moved to Hyper-V, it was too difficult to get data in and out when the virtual environmetn needed to be isolated. Now I need 64bit I must say I must leave VPC and WVPC behind. Thanks for the memories but even open source products have faired better.

    Best of luck!

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Windows Virtual PC Team Blog Launched