Windows Virtual PC RC and Jump Lists

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In the RC release of Windows Virtual PC, one of the key changes was to integrate support for Windows 7 jump lists.  Our jump lists are there to help you to:

  1. Launch common applications inside virtual machines.

    By hovering on the “Windows Virtual PC” icon in the start menu, or by right clicking on Windows Virtual PC icon in the task bar, you will get a list of virtual machines and seamless applications that you have used recently.  You can click on any of these to start them immediately:


  2. Attach USB devices to seamless applications.

    One of the pain points that we heard from users of the beta release of Windows Virtual PC was that there was no way to connect a USB device to an application that was running in seamless mode – you could only do this to full running virtual machines.  With the RC release you can now attach USB devices to seamless applications by right clicking on the application icon in the task bar and selecting “Manage USB Devices” – which will bring up this dialog:


For those of you who are curious – the day I tool these screenshots I was playing around with various web browsers in my Virtual XP Mode system.  In the background you can see the CartoonNetwork site on Safari – where I was watching streaming flash video without a problem.


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  • Has the incompatibility between Windows Virtual PC and the Windows Mobile Emulator been sorted out?

  • In the Windows 7 RC, the Virtual PC used for the "xp mode" had no floppy support, making it 'difficult' to install legacy OS's.. Yes I know I could copy them from a Vista/XP machine with VirtualPC, but a lot of us use Virtual PC to run legacy applications, like back to MS-DOS applications, and losing the floppy support would be a bad thing...

    Anyways, thanks for all the hard work on the VPC product, it's saved my but when it came to firewalls & our inhouse ancient DOS stuff!

  • Recently used virtual machines have disappeared from the tasks area of the start menu - any idea how I can get these back?

  • I got it, for some reason the

    ..\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines

    didn't get created.  I created the folder manually and planned to copy the vmcx files there to see if this would fix it but the system beat me to it and the vmcx files are there and in the start menu.  Strange!

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Windows Virtual PC RC and Jump Lists