Running Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7

Running Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7

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Attention: In this blog post I am discussing a configuration that is possible, but not officially supported by Microsoft at this point in time.  Feel free to use this – but understand that you are in an unsupported configuration.

There is a fair amount of confusion out there about this – so I would like to start by simply stating that “Yes, it is possible to run Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7”:


You might be wondering why you would want to do this.  The most common reason is that you want to run Virtual PC on Windows 7 on a system that does not have hardware virtualization support.

There are, however, two issues that you should be aware of if you want to do this:

  1. To reiterate, this is not officially supported.  Microsoft has not tested / qualified to combination, and has not made any commitment to ever do so.  So “buyer be warned”.

  2. A number of people have reported that when they try to install Virtual PC 2007 they receive a compatibility warning like this:


    What you need to know is that you will only receive this warning if you have installed Windows Virtual PC.  If you get this, and you want to use Virtual PC 2007 instead of Windows Virtual PC, you will need to uninstall Windows Virtual PC.  Note – it will not work if you just uncheck Windows Virtual PC under the Windows Features dialog.  You need to actually uninstall the Windows Virtual PC update:


    Once you have done this you can install Virtual PC 2007.

You can download Virtual PC 2007 SP1 from here:


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  • When I try to start Virtual PC it expands to the last program I was runnu=ing in Virtual and I need to attach a hasp to run this so Virtual willmot open?  How do I fix this?

  • Wes -

    You should shutdown the virtual machine instead of hibernating it.



  • Ben,

    Many thanks for this article! I'm happy to have found it, this worked for me without problems.

    I recently upgraded to Windows 7, and I didn't like Windows Virtual PC for a lot of reasons. Some of them:

    - No more files drag and drop.

    - Most of my VMs are XP machines. If I upgrade the old VM additions to the new components, the pre-login phase is hidden, and in some cases this defeats part of the reason why I use the VM itself (testing things running at boot).

    - Even after the login, since you are in a sort of remote access, the graphical rendering is no more exactly the same as in a native environment, and this defeats another part of the reason of using a VM.

    - If I keep the old VM additions, there is no cut/paste available between host and guest.

    - Networking between VMs and guest is too slow to be usable (I read some somewhere that this could be solved changing some "offload" settings on the net adapter...)

    Perhaps some of the problems I encountered  can be easily solved, but given the limited time I had, and given that VPC 2007 didn't have these problems on XP and it seems not to have them on Windows 7 either, I preferred to switch back, at least at the moment.

    I would be interested to test again Windows Virtual PC, if there were at least a way to avoid the "remote access" way of accessing XP guests and still have cut/paste available.

    Thanks again,


  • Installed it and it worked. able to run both windows 7 and XP side by side. really nice.

  • Que Dios les bendiga lo estoy descargando espero que me funcione

    soy creador de sistemas operativos desatendidos pero ahora me dedko a

    maquinas virtuales

  • Windows6.1-KB977206-x64 or Windows6.1-KB977206-x86 will allow you to run the newer Windows Virtual PC without Harware Virtualization Support.

  • Is this possible on Windows 7 Home premium SP1?

  • Thanks. Very useful. Muchas Gracias, funciono perfectamente en Windows 7 Ultimate - 64

  • Ben  - I have Virtual PC's set up for Windows 2000 and Windows XP but they won't go to wide-screen. The resolutions just do not show up. I want to make a Windows 7 as well, but figure why bother if if won't wide-screen. Any ideas on how to get it wide? Thanks.

  • Thank you so much for showing this information, VPC 2007 is great, the newer one on the Windows 7 Edition is horrible :(

  • Currently, I have installed Microsoft Virtual PC SP1 on My Windows 7 64 bit machine

    But still the compatibility issue error comes, I think I need to do some other configuration setting


  • how i setup mvpc2007 on my system win7 without any problems .thank you

  • Same error appearing on Windows 8 RTM. Any fix?

  • Give that a shot. Then when Virtual PC says it can't run in another Virtual PC, say thank you to me.

  • I am trying to install windows VPC 2007 sp1 and i do not have any version of windows vpc on my computer and it says it is not compatible with my operating system. I am running windows 7 home premium.... any suggestions!?!?!?

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