Video: Hyper-V Snapshot Common Issues

Video: Hyper-V Snapshot Common Issues

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A little while ago I was asked to speak about some of the common issues that people with virtual machine snapshots under Hyper-V, and what people should know about what to do here.

This video is now available here:


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  • You know what?

    I was really interested right up until you inserted an advertisement into the middle of the video.

    Guess what?

    I am not going to bother looking at any more videos on TechNet

  • Ian Hamilton -

    I do not know what you are referring to.  There is no advertisement in this video.



  • At 6:43 there is a discontinuity. That is roundabout where the advert was. It was (IMHO a very badly put together) ad for Windows Movie maker with a child making a movie and then showing it on a TV. It was so bad I thought that the child must have made the advert

  • Ian - I apologize that your experience with the video was interrupted in this way. MSN is running a pilot, and a random set of users are tested. Sorry it was you! Neither Ben nor I knew about this pilot,and couldn't repro your issue. Hopefully, if you do come back to, this won't happen again. I have passed along your feedback to the group running the pilot.

  • Damn it.

    I hate it when people admit the problems and apologize. It takes away all righteous indignation that I have. :)

    Thanks for the explanation!

  • The good news is - this video has been removed from the pilot! At least no one else watchting it will get interrupted in that way.

  • This video shows 0:00 duration and nothing comes up. Would have loved to view it though.

  • Would like to have seen it as well. We don't use snapshots, but for some reason we have .avhd files showing up randomly. One was created last night in fact at 4am and these do not show up as snapshots. Perhaps Symantec backup exec is putting the vm in to some mode that is creating them?

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