Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Update

Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Update

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Okay, I missed this one when it came out.  In my defense – this was released in February, when I was heads down working on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 stuff.  There is an update for Virtual PC 2007 SP1 that has some significant improvements, including:

  • Official support for running Virtual PC on the “Home” versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Numerous improvements to the performance and functionality of shared networking
  • Virtual machine resolution extended up to 2048x1920 (32bit)

As well as a number of bug fixes.  You can download the update from here:


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  • The update seems to have broken Full-Screen Mode. Switching this on makes the VPC window disappear. Then {Host Key}+Enter brings it back. Previously, Full-Screen Mode would fill the current monitor. Also, screen updates in the guest seem flakey.

    Host = XP SP3 (x86) + 2Gb + 2x1.8GHz + VT + ATI Mobility Radeon X1300, 2x1024x768x32.

    Perhaps the previous VMC definition file is not compatible? I'll try recreating the VM.

  • I'm still dismayed that MS has chosen to drop floppy support from Virtual PC.

    In the future I'll have no choice but to move to VMWare... It makes me sad as I have loved this product since the connectix days, and have been a BIG fan of Virtual Server...

    I'd say try to remember that for some of us, legacy support of things like MS-DOS is a MUST!  at work we still have these terminals from the 1980's that yes, we still support, and we upload configurations with a program that generates FLOPPY DISKS.

    I can deal with the hell that is tracking down real drives, media and everything, but virtual disk images cost you guys $0.00 to support.

    Likewise with the printer port support.

    Sigh, and I guess there wont be any legacy games support, no more soundblaster, and no disks.


  • Is it possible to deploy KB958162 via WSUS?

    I've tried to import it via update catalog but is not found.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. Would have missed it except for your post. Guess "hot-fixes" are not part of autoupdating?

  • Jason, I just looked at my updated VPC install and there is still floppy support in it.  I don't use it but I don't support for it has changed.

  • [I should've proof-read this... I meant to write]

    Jason, I just looked at my updated VPC install and there is still floppy support in it.  I don't use it but I don't **think** support for it has changed.

  • Yup, I missed it as well.  It solves my display larger than VPC supports problem, which is nice.  Like getting the screen back.

    Now if only it supported a second virtual display card so it could take advantage of a second monitor....

  • I'm really pleased with this patch's support for increased screen resolutions; I can now display a virtual machine fullscreen on my widescreen monitor.

    However, since installing the patch Virtual PC can take significantly longer to start up - the Virtual PC icon in the notification area sometimes takes as long as a minute to appear. Is this a known problem with this patch?

  • Virtual PC on Win 7 requires hardward support. Win Vista running Virtual PC did not. Now I cannot run Virtual PC because I upgraded to Win 7 where I could before. Another reason to hammer MS!

  • I also moved to Win 7 and my bios does not support virtualization.  I was running Virtual PC 2007 fine on my XP SP3 just fine.  MS should allow Virtual PC 2007 to run on Win 7!

  • Virtual PC 2007 works on Windows 7. I've the same problem, my old Athlon XP 3000+ doesn't support virtualization. I had the same fear (This program is not compatible with this version of Windows, blah blah blah whatever)

    To be able to install VPC 2007, uninstall Windows Virtual PC (the one that needs virtualization enabled processor), then VPC2007 should be installable.

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