Quake II under Windows Virtual PC

Quake II under Windows Virtual PC

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It has been too long since I posted about gaming on Virtual PC.  And there is a lot to talk about!  Windows Virtual PC makes some things better for gaming, some things worse, and opens up new possibilities.  But for now, I want to start with something light and fun.

Four years (and 23 days) ago I posted about running Quake II under Virtual PC 2004.  Well, Windows Virtual PC can also run Quake II – but it can do it seamlessly:


As you can see, I have Quake II running on Windows XP mode with no problems.  Good times!

(Of course – Quake II also runs just fine directly in Windows 7 – but that is no fun!).


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  • Why not skip the operating system all together and get it perfected in Silverlight. The demo copies so far are pretty impressive! :)

  • Are there any specific settings you have to enable for this?  I have moved one of my VMs over from VPC 2007, and that VM has Diablo 2 installed.  This software worked great under VPC 2007, but I cannot get it to run under Windows Virtual PC.



  • ESP -

    Neat!  Unfortunately it is not playable today.

    Horsie -

    Yes, I need to do a number of posts about this.  For Diablo II you will need to disable integrated mode:




  • May a D3D game come to be possible in WVPC in the future?

  • But not Quake. Not Direct3D. Not Windows Aero.

  • Direct 3D is not supported in Windows Virtual PC.  But Quake works as well - as does Windows Aero.



  • 12:45am? You should have been in bed, not playing games!

  • That is plain (=ugly) software rendering mode, no big deal. Show me OpenGL HW accelereated Quake2 :)

  • Can't seem to get a USB joypad to work in WVP - although it doesn't show up in the host's devmgmt.msc (W7 64-bit) I can see and calibrate it through Start -> Game Controllers (ie joy.cpl).

    Doesn't appear as an attachable USB device in the virtual machine, though.

    Is this possible?  I like to use the d-pad instead of keyboard shortcuts.

  • Nelviticus -

    I am trying to figure out if you are my Mother or my Wife :-)

    soldier -

    I installed Quake 2 on a system where I could get GL acceleration the other day and was surprised by how bad it looked compared to modern games.  This expecially came as a surprise for me as Quake 2 was the game that made me go out and buy my first 3D graphics card.

    John kelly -

    Do you have integration components installed?



  • Virtual PC Guy:

    the screenshot at the beginning of this post is from a software-rendered scenario: no colored lightning, and no bilinear filtering (that is way it looks so jagged squares)

  • Hi Guy

    Yes they are.  The joypad is am old MS SideWinder Game Pad Pro.  In W7, although it does *not* appear in the Device Manager, it does appear in the game controllers cpl.

    There were no drivers for it under Vista (natively supported) so I guess there won't be for W7.

    I've read that the drivers must be installed in W7 before a USB device can be used in XP Mode but that is not my experience so far:

    I have a USB recording device which is not supported in a 64-bit environment, however, when I plug it in W7 complains a bit but the device is then attachable in XP ("Unknown Device") where I can install 32-bit drivers and get full functionality.

    Any ideas what I should try next?


  • Software mode, yuck ;). I think that real challenge is to make music (CD audio) play during game (although I suppose it's hardware issue - no one connects CD/DVD/BR to sound card with audio cable anymore).

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