Windows XP Mode / Windows Virtual PC RTM’s

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We have just announced that we have signed off on the RTM release of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.  It should be available on the Microsoft Download Center on October 22nd.


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  • Do you know if it will be released earlier for MSDN or TechNet subscribers?

  • How does this differ from the RC version? Any enhancements?

  • Which millions cannot run as they don't meet processor virtualization requirement. Pity.

  • Mike Dennis / John -

    Neither of these details have been officially announced - so I cannot discuss them.  Sorry.



  • Hi Ben,

    If we have the RC bits installed on Win7, will the update path the RTM versions be mostly painless?  Just making sure we're not looking at a repave scenario.


  • I'm curious about one thing... If it's already RTM'd why wait until general availibility instead of putting it up for download now? After all the RTM version is supposed to be better than the currently available RC... Or is there anything you're waiting for?

    My guess is that you can't comment on this, but it's worth a shot :)

    And either way keep up the good work with your blog!

  • It's already up for download, if you know where to look.

  • What if I don't know where to look?  Can you give a guy some help finding it?  :-)



  • I'm curious about rhycer's question too--will the Virtual PC RTM support (hopefully painless) upgrading from RC?

  • Is it possible to run a Virtual Linux PC on Windows Virtual PC? During RC it was not possible. Though I want to test moonlight ( every once in a while. Really would like to be able to use Windows Virtual PC.

  •    Yes it is possible to Run Linux on a VM under Windows Virtual PC.  

    Though depending on the distro it may take some additional steps to get it configured and working properly..

      I had Ubuntu 9.04 installed running on the RC with only  a little tweaking and again under the RTM with no tweaking required..

     The changes when required usually involve modifying / adding some additional arguments to the boot parameters and or changing the color depth from 24 to 16 in the xorg.conf fairly easy to implement..

    there is some good information on getting some of the more popular distributions running on/under  virtual PC here

    Good Luck

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Windows XP Mode / Windows Virtual PC RTM’s