Disk2vhd v1.0 now available

Disk2vhd v1.0 now available

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The SysInternals team just announced the availability of a new tool: Disk2vhd.

This is a tool that you run on a running Windows computer to create virtual hard disks copies of the physical disks that are attached.  Under the covers this tool works by taking a Windows Volume Snapshot (VSS) image of the physical hard disk – and then pouring that into a virtual hard disk. 

There are a number of cool uses for this – with a “poor mans P2V” leading the charge.  One thing that you should be aware of is that this tool does not change the drivers / HAL that is used in a system drive – so you may need to take manual steps to make the VHD actually boot in a virtual machine.

Another potential use is to allow you to move a physical installation of Windows 7 to a “boot from VHD” configuration.

You can download this tool here:


It is supported on Windows XP SP2 / Windows Server 2003 and higher.


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  • Paolo, its not so easy.

    But look here:


  • All -

    I do have notes (somewhere around here) on what you need to do to make a system compatible post migration.  I will try to dig them up and write it out.  In the mean time - if you search my blog for "Tips for Migrating" you will find a series that I posted a while ago on migrating XP using a disk copy.

    Aidan Finn -

    The tool is "unsupported", but the VHDs generated by it are supported (if you can follow that logic).

    Corrado Cavalli -

    Check: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd799299(WS.10).aspx

    Sejong -

    Windows backup does not preserve partition / boot sector / other disk information that is preserved by this tool.



  • Re: Injecting files & making registry changes to allow a P2V to boot. would this work?

    On W7, copy vhd to local drive, then


    select vdisk file="path to .vhd"

    attach vdisk

    [seems to auto assign drive letters]

    Then copy files to mounted .vhd in appropriate locations.

    Regedit -> load hive -> [edit registry] -> unload hive

    DISKPART> detach vdisk

  • I am having the EXACT same problem as Paolo above . . .

    # re: Disk2vhd v1.0 now available

    1 -I tried Disk2vhd v1.0 from vista sp2 to vhd in hyper-v and worked ok.

    2- I tried Disk2vhd v1.0 from Windows 2003 server sp1 to vhd in hyper-v but it doesn't work (error loading operating system).

    Any idea for make this vhd bootable ?

    any ideas?


  • I'm having the same problem as Paolo and David but with Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 (with SP2) - "error loading operating system" and the repair option of the setup kit did not make any difference... any "hack"/workaround?

  • Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 (with SP2) - "error loading operating system"  <= same error here :(

  • If you have problems when moving Windows Server 2003 (SCSI hard drives) physical server to virtual, check this:

    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314082 (yes, this also applies to Windows Server 2003)

    You need add IDE drivers. Easiest way to do this is before "virtualing" but of course it is possible to modify offline reg file if you need to.

  • Why can't you just create the new VM, and attach the vhd to a SCSI interface?

  • Is it also possible to use a image created with Disk2VHD on Virtual PC 2007?

  • I have installed Disk2vhd in Vista utltimate o/s.we have 3 dirves c,d and e .Each 40GB size.

    I have added 15 files (Size 100 MB) in E:Drive  and Disk2vhd application is in D:Drive. I have made .VHD snapshot of E Drive and store this file (Test.vhd) in my D Drive.

    When i check size of this created vhd file , it seems to be 3.74 GB.I surprized because my E:Drive space required size is 100MB.

    And my C:Drive size is 16 GB.

    Can you plz let me know how it is possible ..??

  • Hi Ben,

    I know this post is ages old but I was wondering if you could answer a long-standing question I have had.  I have used the SysInternals Disk2Vhd.exe tool a number of times to do emergency P2V migrations.  One time the physical machine had a failing RAID array and another time it was part of a messy divorce and I had to get "his" software off "her" server.

    Anyway, my question has to do with the "cleanup HAL for Virtual PC" checkbox.  What exactly does this do? and when should it be used?  In one of the cases described above the target hypervisor was Virtual Server 2005.  In another instance it actually ran on Virtual PC for a while (not long).  What if the target hypervisor is Hyper-V?  Should I be using the "Virtual PC" checkbox?

    What if I am using Disk2Vhd.exe for doing backups?  Here the primary concern would be getting a bootable/restorable image.  Could using this checkbox cook the resulting VHD making it non-bootable?

    Best regards,

    Some guy.

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