Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode now on MSDN / TechNet

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The RTM builds of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode are now available for people with an MSDN / TechNet subscription.  On MSDN you can sign in and:

  • Go to Subscriber Downloads
  • Select Applications
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Windows Virtual PC


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  • Awesome! Been waiting for this!

  • Are there any plans to allow Application publishing from Windows 2003 guests? As a SharePoint developer I pretty much only ever run Windows 2003 guest VMs and would love to be able to use my VM Visual Studio install via application publishing.

  • Can't run although I have both Technet and MSDN. No support for virtualization in my BIOS.

  • Do you have a notebook or desktop system? Does your CPU have a VT support?

  • Ugh!  I kept checking this blog for details of when it was going to be released to TechNet, but mum was the word.  So I installed the RC on Wednesday morning and spent half the day getting my dinosaur apps/tools installed and "published" back to Win7.

    Any word on the upgrade path?  From what I heard it's a complete uninstall/reinstall.

  • Any word on how to change the default path for new virtual machines, what you used to do using the MYVIRTUALMACHINES environmental variable?  You mentioned earlier that this was scriptable.

  • Hopefully it will fix the issue where the Windows Mobile Emulators can not connect to the network adapter.

  • - Hung my machine no BSOD nothing hung (I have latest technology Win 7 release, I7 965, Asus WS Rev MB, 12 MB Triple Channel Mem, etc)

    - Would not Upgrade Integration Components for Vista Ultimate Sp1 on existing Virtual PC 2007 image

    - Doesn't support all OSes Virtual PC 2007 did

    - No 64 bit client support

    - Extremely slow

    - I wouldn't even consider this product Beta little lone release it wow.

    - I now use Sun Virtual Box you could learn from their very effecient, high performance, wide range of hardware and OS support.

  • I have been waiting for this RTM release for a while and the moment I knew it was released to MSDN Subscribers, I installed it on my machine. Soon after I installed the RTM build my video driver got corrupted and started running into Blue screen of death. I run Windows 7 Ultimate RTM 64-Bit build on Intel Core 2 T7500 with support for VT, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS. I had to perform a system restore but fail to correct the problem. Finally after unistalling and re installing the video driver a couple of times, the problem seems to have gone. Any thoughts on why this could have happened? I am skeptical about re-installing it on my machine.

  • Dear Ben, i have an issue with dhcp with 2 virtual machine using windows virtual pc in  windows 7 os. All machines are cponfigured with internal network. The network is functional between these two virtual machines but the dhcp client don't obtain an ip (it obtain the apipa address) The server dhcp is operational and i have many friends with the same error. Nobody can obtain an ip address from dhcp (2 machine: 1 client and 1 server dhcp). A virtual pc issue????



  • Ripster -

    No, there are no plans for supporting application publishing from Windows Server 2003 virtual machines.  

    Kevin -

    To upgrade you need to uninstall and reinstall - but virtual machines are compatible (saved states are not, so virtual machines need to be shutdown prior to the upgrade).

    ac -

    Yes, I have a script for this in my blog post queue.

    Jay -

    I have no idea what might have happened to cause this.

    Valerio -

    What OS are you using for your DHCP server?



  • Just installed the RTM of Virtual PC and XP Mode. Couple of questions:

    1. In the Virtual Machines folder, there is no menu item to create a new VM.

    2. In the beta, I was able to start a VPN connection on Win 7 and the VM would be able to access machines connected to the VPN connection. With the RTM this is not working.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi Ben, Just built Win 7 x64 box.  When I try to install Windows XP Mode, it tells me it's already installed.  But there is no 'Windows XP Mode' in the start menu.  So I installed Windows Virtual PC, and when I start that it just gives me an empy Virtual Machines folder.  I found in a 'Windows XP Mode Base' virtual hard disk file in C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode, but it won't open.  What am I missing?

  • @Ben

    Hi,Ben, I'am using Windows server 2003 sp2 as a dhcp server the first trial. In the second trial i used a windows server 2008 sp2 but the result is the same. Now configuring a loopback microsoft adapter on windows 7 host machine and configuring the two vm guest (client and server dhcp) with this nic it's all ok. So, the problem is the "internal" configuration.

    Thank you


  • @Chuck

    Ben posted a fix back in July:

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Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode now on MSDN / TechNet