Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode now on MSDN / TechNet

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The RTM builds of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode are now available for people with an MSDN / TechNet subscription.  On MSDN you can sign in and:

  • Go to Subscriber Downloads
  • Select Applications
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Windows Virtual PC


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  • @Ben  

    A solution from microsoft for the dhcp problem, it's a bug in windows virtual pc.

    Response from Microsoft:

    Yes this is a known issue that when you connect the virtual machines to internal network, it gets the IP address from the internal network inbuilt DHCP server.

    You can work around this as follows

    - Hibernate/Turn off all the VMs. From Task Manager, kill vpc.exe if it doesn`t exit on its own.

    -Edit "%localappdata%\microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\options.xml"

    -In the XML file -> Under the "internal network" node: i.e. "preferences\Virtual Network id =0\virtual_server\dhcp\" , set enabled = false.

    -Turn on the VMs and verify the scenario.

  • Hi Ben,

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) running on an Intel processor.  I previously had the beta version of Windows Virtual PC installed.   It worked fine.

    Seeing your note here, I uninstalled the previous version, and downloaded the "mu_windows_virtual_pc_x64_435190" file from Technet.  The install appears to run completely, and asks me to reboot, but after rebooting, there is no program entry for Windows Virtual PC...

    Any thoughts / suggestions?


  • Is this available to the general public yet? Any idea when it will be?

  • Has anyone tried to run an existing VPC produced with VPC2007 on the XP mode for Win 7.

  • The need for VT supported cpu is where I come up short. Purchased Win7 on the 20th, and have been disappointed since.

    This is on my laptop (I do all my business on) which I purchased less than 6 months ago with an Intel Core2 Duo P7350 @2.00GHz processor.

    Not only did buy it too early for the free upgrade to windows 7, but apparently too early to continue to use my incompatible programs on 7 since I dont have VT support.

    Unless they can manage to make a working set without the need for VT I will be saying goodbye to Microsoft and I am sure I wont be the only one.

    Next time I will just go to best buy, give them my money and leave the new operating system on the shelve for the next schmuck. Then at least I wont have to waste the time rolling back installations.

  • Chuck Parkey -

    For the first issue - check out:

    For the second issue - we should never allow you to "piggy back" a virtual machine on the hosts VPN connection - as this is a security issue.

    Simon -

    Can you try and uninstall Windows XP mode from "Programs and Features" and then install it again?

    Valerio -

    Thanks for the heads up on the DHCP issue.  I will add that to my "things to blog" list.

    David -

    Check the "Turn on Windows Features" section of control panel and see if Windows Virtual PC is checked.

    John Eppes -

    Yes, I do this all the time.



  • I always expected that Virtual PC would support bidirectional parallel porst when the host used one.

    For one one reason or another it is only a spp port that is emulated. Why?

    I tried to trick it thru device manager by disabling the SPP port and enabling an ECP port to have it working. To no avail.

    a few  questions:

    is there a reason why only SPP is enabled?

    do you intend to put ecp support in virtual pc in the near future?

    is a workaround available (eg register changes?)

    or do you have an experimental solution so that I could test that for you?

    Kind regards,


    wimkapteyn at hot mail dot com

  • is there a program for windows xp home that allows you to have a vurtual machine on your computer?

  • wimkapteyn -

    The easiest thing to do would be to use a USB to parallel adapter and connect it (via USB) to the virtual machine.

    Brandon -

    You can use Virtual PC 2007 on Windows XP.



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Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode now on MSDN / TechNet