Why is F12 not working with my virtual machine?!?!

Why is F12 not working with my virtual machine?!?!

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Here is a problem that I hear about at least 2 or 3 times a month:

Someone is trying to do a network installation of an operating system using either Hyper-V or Virtual PC, they setup the virtual machine appropriately, but when they try to press “F12” to initiate network installation – nothing happens.

Every time I get asked about this – the answer is simple:

If your keyboard has a “Function Lock”, “F Lock” or “Fn” key – make sure it is pressed prior to trying to use the F12 key.


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  • I have not seen a desktop keyboard with function lock! So what are the alternatives?

  • I remember only Logitech keyboards having such a key.

  • All three of my Microsoft desktop keyboards have a "F lock" key - while my Dell Laptop has a "Fn" key.



  • INterestingly, if you are using Delphi in and VM and press F12 without the FLock, Delphi goes wild in ways that do not happen outside of a VM.

    Is this bizarre F12 behaviour perhaps related?

  • In my case F11 and F12 dont work but F1 to F10 work well. And only with Hyper-V in a server core 2008 r2. I am using Hyper-V mmc to connect to the server. I can manage remotly Hyper-V on server core. But those Key F11 and F12 dont work. I can use a CD to install. No FLock key on my keyboard. Any ideas??%%%##

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