Windows Virtual PC / Windows XP Mode RTM now available for general download

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Go and get it:


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  • I was wondering if you know if Virtual PC (not XP Mode) is still supported and avilable for 7 Home Premium?  The system requirements say that Home Premium can run Virtual PC, but when you go to download it, it asks what edition you have and says XP mode isn't avilable for it.  However, if you select Professional or higher, it gives you a download for XP mode and Virtual PC.  If you just download the virtual PC part, will that be fine for Home Premium (then install an OS you own already in the VM)?

  • Ben,

    In Virtual PC 2007 we could change the default hotkeys (like, for example, Right-Alt to "unlock" the mouse cursor)

    I did it a lot because I use a Spanish keyboard which has "Alt Gr" instead of a right-Alt.

    How can you change the default hotkeys in Windows Virtual PC ?

    By modifying the options.xml file? If so, how? I don't see it documented anywhere!

    Kind regards.

  • DG41RQ and E7500, Bios 11 with Intel VT enabled.  when I run the windows6.1-kb958559 64bit it gives me..."he update is not applicable to your computer" and will not finish install.  any ideas.

  • Matthew -

    Yes, you can download and use Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 Home Premium.  You just have to create your own virtual machines as you cannot use the Windows XP mode virtual machine.

    Daniel -

    Unfortunately, there is no way to change this.

    Laraine Yates -

    What operating system are you running on your computer?



  • @Ben - thanks for the info!  I had one other question ... on the Virtual PC site, it is saying the application integration is only avilable for the Pro version guests (XP Pro, Vista Business+, 7 Professional+).  However, in the RC I have ran 7 Home Premium as a guest inside 7 ultimate, and it did the program integration (into the host's start menu) great.  Has something changed, or is this one of the things that works but is not "officially supported?"  Also, will a guest install of Windows Server (2003, 2008) do program integration with the host with the correct addon (xp, Vista/7 respectively)?  Thanks!

  • Can't use on my notebook (not netbook) as it has no processor virtualization.

  • Hi Ben,

    With various test machines that I have built recently I've kinda lost track of which have the RC of Windows Virtual PC and which have the RTM (a matter further compounded with the rather excellent Boot from VHD feature).

    Anyway, is there a simple way to determine the build number of the version of Virtual PC deployed to a machine in order to be assured that the RTM is present?

  • Laraine Yates -

    Windows6.1-KB958559 RTM only works on RTM version of Windows 7 (not on RC)

  • Matthew -

    The integration features work no matter what version of Windows 7 you are using for your host operating system.  It is just that with versions that do not have Windows XP mode you have to set things up yourself.

    In regards to Windows Server - you can install it, and it will work, but you will not get all of the integration features (just some of them).

    Simon -

    Check the version on C:\Windows\System32\VPC.EXE.  It should be 6.1.7600.16393.



  • Ok, thanks for the info!  Wow, you're like having a direct line to the VPC team! :) (well, actually you are, right?) ;)

  • Is it possible to have multiple cores running under Windows XP mode on Windows Virtual PC?  How about other VMs under Windows Virtual PC?  I haven't seen a way to allow more than one CPU core under the client VM.

    I'm a developer trying to set up a dev laptop and would prefer to use Windows 7 as the host rather than Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • Hi. I am getting an error stating that Virtual PC requires hardware assisted virtualization support... I have an Intel DG41RQ with a core2quad, which I thought were able to run virtual machines. I am running win7 ultimate x64. Any ideas appreciated.

  • I just found out that my brand new quad core procesor (Q8200) is intel's ONLY quad core without virtualization technology! Bummer.

  • Hi Ben,

    Please, a definitive answer...

    Is Microsoft Virtual PC 2700 SP1 fully compatible with Windows 7 RTM?

  • @Luciano, yes it is compatible but Windows Virtual PC 7 and Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 shouldn't/can't be installed both on the same installation.

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Windows Virtual PC / Windows XP Mode RTM now available for general download