Deploying Windows XP Mode

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We have recently published a very handy video / guide / set of scripts to help with anyone who needs to deploy either a standard or customized version of Windows XP mode to a large number of virtual machines.

The first thing to look at is the deployment video – available here:

Then you can go and grab the associated white paper / scripts from here:

This will give you the necessary tools to do such things as:

  • Automate installation of Windows XP Mode
  • Customize Windows XP Mode for your environment
  • Build your own template Windows XP virtual machine for deployment in your own environment

Good stuff.


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  • Will/how will XP Mode be supported after April 2014 when extended support for Windows XP ends?

  • Windows XP mode does not change the support statements / life cycle around Windows XP.



  • Just curious why Microsoft crippled XP Mode with such a weak video driver. With no ability to adjust resolution or font size, XP Mode is all but useless on a laptop.

  • The above deployment video's link is broken, is there a new one?

  • My XP Mode Deployment experience.  Cheers-

  • Dear Ben,

    I have Windows 7 Home Basic OS on my laptop. Can I launch W XP Mode on my lap?

    Thank you in advance!

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Deploying Windows XP Mode