Updated Hyper-V Monitor Gadget Now Available

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CaptureTore Lervik has released an updated version of his fantastic Hyper-V Monitor Gadget.  New features in this release include:

  • Neat little CPU graph for running virtual machines
  • Option to use Remote Desktop to connect to running virtual machines
  • Support for turning on / shutting down a remote Hyper-V server using Wake-On-LAN

If you have not tried this tool out, you should go and grab a copy from here: http://mindre.net/post/Hyper-V-Monitor-Gadget-for-Windows-Sidebar.aspx


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  • Excellent!

    The RDP changes are exactly what i was going to try and hack into my existing version.  Now i dont need to.  The CPU graph sounds handy too!

  • One of the best tools I know to get status of virtual servers quickly and without hassle. I know that some guys in Microsoft use it too.

  • If you have more machines than can be listed in the height space of your Vista/Win7 display you can't see all the machines - there is no vertical scroll bar.

  • This is a most wonderful tool.  I use it as way to easily monitor and manage my testbed systems (which run under hyperv).. I especially like the display of free memory (something he incorporated shortly after I suggested it to him) as it lets me know if I have headroom to startup another system without shutting down something else.  (in a test env it's not uncommon to have way more configurations on your hyper-v server than you could have 'powered up' at once time)

  • The website not available now, could you update it? thanks.

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Updated Hyper-V Monitor Gadget Now Available