RemoteApp + Hyper-V + Windows XP / Vista

RemoteApp + Hyper-V + Windows XP / Vista

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The Remote Desktop team just did an interesting post here:

About the RemoteApp for Hyper-V functionality that is available with Windows Server 2008 R2. 

The concept here is that you would have a setup similar to Windows Virtual PC, where you run a legacy application in a Windows XP / Vista virtual machine, and access it seamlessly from your desktop.  Only in this case the virtual machine is not running on your desktop – but on a Hyper-V server.

This looks really neat  - and I am hoping to get the time to try it out in the next week or two.


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  • In "Understanding High-End Video Performance Issues with Hyper-V" you indicated that Hyper-V is really for server applications, not desktop applications.  Does the setup described in this post get around those problems?

  • David Douglass -

    In that article I am talking about running desktop applications in the parent partition.  Running desktop applications inside virtual machines is completely supported.



  • As there is no real documentation on how to configure RemoteApp on a desktop o/s, I did some digging, got it working nad I've written up a step by step guide on how to get RemoteApp working (admittedly under VirtualBox*) but would equally work under Hyper-V.



    * this might prevent this comment from getting published and I will not be upset ;-)

  • Is it possible to run windows 7 WITH XP mode as a guest in hyper-v. AFAIK, HYPER-V hides the CPU virtualization attributes from its guests (instead of trying to emulate them), therefore windows-7 shouldn't be able to enter XP mode.

    If my guess is correct, this sounds to me as a major drawback of hyper-v. BTW, KVM supports such virtualization nesting for AMD, and support for Intel's VMX is coming soon.

  • I have general question about host CPU resources

    using. If I have a single thread application

    but multi core host CPU. Can i use all cores

    when i will run this application using Hyper-V ??

    Does any virtual solution exist which will allow this ??

  • How could i run a report to provide me with a list  (extract) of all Host machines and the virtual machines that reside on each host (including CPU and core information for both host and Virtual machine)?  Does anyone have a link to an admin guide for scripts like this one or know the scrip and where to enter it?



  • Sorry for the OT post, but I couldn't find an appropriate open topic.

    I find that VPC 2007 SP1 does not seem to support task gates in the IDT. Invoking one causes VPC to display "An internal virtual machine error (3) has occurred". The same code works fine on a real machine, and putting an identical task gate into the GDT, and *calling* through it, works in VPC.

    Is there a fix for this bug/restriction?

  • Is it possible to get RemoteApp to use 2003 as a target instead of XP?

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