Hyper-V ActiveX RDP Control

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The Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters project have just put up the sample code for a Hyper-V ActiveX RDP control, available here:


What this allows you to do is to create a Remote Desktop connection directly to the virtual machine (not to the guest operating system) in exactly the same manner as when you are using the Virtual Machine Connection window in the Hyper-V Management Console.

As this is an ActiveX control you can even use it in a web page if you wish to.


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  • Hi Ben

    I downloaded the rdpcontrol and when i run it i just get a tiny control which wont expand when i increase the height and width.

    Have you had the same if so any idea on how to solve it.Regards Rolls

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for answering my question!

    Looking at the source of this control showed me what I was missing in my project.

  • HI Ben

    Any chance that this control would allow a hyper-V VM connection under XP pro with rdp 6 or 7 installed?

    Alternatively is this control sufficiently autonomous that it would run directly under Server 2008 R2 core? (I did get the regular rdp client running like this which surprised me)


  • andydesheffield -

    To be honest, I do not know.



  • Hi!!

    I had the same problem...It didn't work on WinXp PRO...even with RDP 7 installed

    IS there another way to connect a console to System Center VMs without using this control?

  • I am trying to create Remote Desktop Connection to the virtual machine using this code.I find error "connection not found" in creating connection by this coding.

  • Hi Ben,

        I've built RDPControl and registered RDPControl.tlb library, then added registry keys using RDP.Reg.bat.

    I've tried running RDPFormsTest.exe. Method 'Connect' using the standard RDP connection is working fine. But when I run 'ConnectToVM' method, all I get is a white screen in the preset resolution 640x480. I am also getting 'Disconnected' event from rdpConnector1 and the following error codes: extendedDiscReason 0, disconnectCode 516 (I'm guessing that means 'NotResponding').

    Any idea about this? I am using Win7.

    Thanks and regards,


  • I have in my icon note it said internet explorer  have a diagnose because sombody stole my activex control and pc antivirus protections.

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Hyper-V ActiveX RDP Control