Dynamic Memory Coming to Hyper-V

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We have just announced that in Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 we will be adding a new feature to Microsoft called “Dynamic Memory”.  The goal of this feature is to allow for better utilization of memory by dynamically adding and removing memory from running virtual machines.

I am really excited about this for many reasons – one of which is that Dynamic Memory is my baby (I am the program manager primarily responsible for this feature).

I am not going to say too much about it today – as I do not like to talk about things that readers of my blog cannot play with themselves – but once a beta release is available you can expect me to have a lot to say about this feature.


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  • Hi Ben

    Just one quick question which I hope you will be able to answer.  Will dynamic memory allow for memory allocations to be oversubscribed?  that is to say allow VM's that require at peak 4GB of memory, dynamically be reudced to 2GB memory when another VM is started.  Better put on a Hyper-V Box with 8Gb Physical memory could I have VM's with 10Gb allocated to them?, but with only 6Gb in use.  I understand VMWare allows for this.



  • Hi Janson,

    Sorry - I am not going to go into specifics at this point in time.  But as I mentioned - you can expect a lot of information here when the beta is released.



  • Fantastic news its been seriously lacking mem management!!! :)

  • glas you got a new photo.  now no one will think you are a hippy anymore.

  • Will I be able to use Hyper-V with my high-end video card now?

  • Janson,

    Dynamic Memory Allocation was actually announced at PDC 2008 in LA.  It was originally supposed to be a part of the Hyper-V 2008 R2 release, but was apparently cut.  Based on the details available from PDC 2008 there does not appear to be an overcommit capability (assuming that it has not changed since then).

    You can Google/Bing around for more details, but the gist is available at:


  • This is great news!!  Now we don't have to hear how VMWare has this and Hyper-V doesn't.  I'm not saying VMWare is a dead product...I am however saying that it may be by the time server 2012 is released :)



  • how about official support for unc based quroum resources? As in guest level clustering without iscsi storage.  Also Mike K. competition is a good thing, right?


  • > you can expect a lot of information here when the beta is released.

    Any expected dates for beta release? ;)

  • Due to the lack of this fature, I have been thinking over a few cans of beer whether to move to VMWare.

    As I type this comment, I have the ESXI installer inserted in my Hyper-V R2 server.

    The fate of 8 VM's in my home network are at the hands of patience (to wait) and the effects of alcohol.

    Being the impatient person that I am, it feels like having to wait until 2012 for its release.

    Now tell me, 2 years of waiting ain't that bad at all, right?

  • Ben, the alcohol in my blood makes me say this to you: YOU ARE A TEASE!!!

  • I understand that you can't talk/would not like to talk about this yet, and hope you can soon with a beta release of SP1!!!

    However, looking around I found the following series which others may find of interest:  http://blogs.technet.com/virtualization/archive/tags/Dynamic+Memory/default.aspx



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Dynamic Memory Coming to Hyper-V