Windows Virtual PC – no hardware virtualization update now available for download

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The update to Windows Virtual PC to support running on systems without hardware virtualization is now available for download.  You can grab it here:

You can also read the full KB article here:

One thing to note: While Microsoft supports the use of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 on Windows Virtual PC – when running on systems without hardware virtualization support we only support the use of Windows XP.

So what does this mean?  Well, if you have used Virtual PC before you know that it is capable of running many operating systems that are not officially supported – and this is still true for Windows Virtual PC (both with and without hardware virtualization support).  But we will not be releasing updated integration components for Windows 7 / Windows Vista to enable optimum performance when running without hardware virtualization.

The key take away here is: If you need to run Windows XP mode on systems without hardware virtualization, you now can.  If you want to run other operating systems – you need hardware virtualization support for best performance (and official support from Microsoft).


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  • How about some Linux guest additions, and 64-bit guest OS support?

  • Despite some limitations, this patch seems to be great for older CPU without Hardware Virtualization :-)

    I've two questions :

    1) Does Windows Virtual PC with this patch work fine on older single core CPU (Intel Pentium 4) or does it require newer CPU (Intel Core) at least ? Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 runs fine on my pentium 4 under Windows 7.

    2) About Windows Vista guest machines, Windows 2000 guest machines and Windows 98 Second Edition guest machines : does the Virtual Machines Additions from Windows Virtual PC 2007 SP1 (version 13.820) work under Windows Virtual PC ?

    Thank you for your answer

  • GOOD MOVE!!!  should have been that way on day one!

    now to get a new vpc that does x64 guests.

  • There is always a catch. There is always lost functionality. On my system with HAV, using VPC 2007 SP1, I can virtualize Vista without HAV. With WVPC, I cannot. The two can't coexist so I'm screwed with virtualizing Vista if I want XP mode. Thankfully, there's Virtual Box, Parallels and VMware. And yesterday, MS was bragging in their desktop virtualization webcast how they lead in desktop virtualization products. Get WVPC right and full featured as VMware Workstation or even the FREE VirtualBox then we will actually use it.

  • I tried to install it, but it doesn't work :(

    On my french Windows 7, it says "La mise à jour ne s'applique pas à votre système", which can be translated to "This update does not apply to your system".

    Any clue ?

  • I get: "The update is not applicable to your computer", on my Win 7 business x64.

    Any solution?

  • I am disappointed with the remark in the kb-article:


    -Windows 7 Enterprise

    -Windows 7 Professional

    -Windows 7 Ultimate

    I run Win7 Home Premium on a CoreToDuo-T6400.

    The version of Win7 most sold to the 'simple' consumer which is most likely to have software and hardware that is in need of the XP-mode.

    I also get "The update is not applicable to your computer"

  • Seeing thew remarks about "The update is not applicable to your computer" I'd almost think that this update has not been tested or the bits WITH the HAV-check have been posted.

  • Ok, my fault, everything is ok. You should firstly install Windows Virtual PC, and  then this update. :)

  • So after installing, I ran XP for a while, then made sure I shut down. Then in the VHD settings, I converted the HDD from a differencing VDD to a single merged dynamically expanding one. But now XP Mode can't start any longer? Someone also asks this here:

  • Big Monstro -

    This will work on any system that is supported for Windows 7 (basically if the processor is 1Ghz or faster).  Other operating systems will run, but they are not supported, and older virtual machine addition swill give some integration - but not the full functionality.

    Damir -

    Yes, you need to install Windows Virtual PC first then apply the update.

    ALJ (Harry) Kraak / Thomas VAILLIER -

    Have you installed Windows Virtual PC (full) first?

    VHD -

    This should work, even though it is not recommended. What is the error message you see when starting the virtual machine?



  • @ALJ (Harry) Kraak

    Windows XP mode is only licensed to those versions of 7, it is not avaiable for Home Premium, licensing hasn't changed.

    You can use Windows VPC, but not XP Mode.  If you want XPMode, install your own copy or upgrade to Windows 7 Pro.

  • Actually the original VHD file is for some reason set to read only by Microsoft and the permissions denied and ownership to System. So before I merged the VHD to create a dynamically expanding one, I had to take ownership, give admin permissions and then remove the read only attribute. The merge completed successfully. Now the error message when I start XP Mode.vmcx is "One or more required files are either missing or not valid". Do you want to create a new Windows XP environment"? The help file says that "Windows XP Mode.vhd" must be in the %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines folder but when it merged it merged the file to C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode\Windows XP Mode Base.vhd. I have tried changing the primary harddisk to point to the correct VHD but it still gives this error.

  • It is a shame that owners of Home 64-bit Windows 7 do not have XP Mode built in.

  • I'm mainly a Mac OS X user, so sadly no more VPC on this platform (it was PPC only)...

    But VMware Fusion is a very good contemporary Intel Mac program, and today I successfully installed XP Mode into a Windows 7 Professional x64 Fusion VM (something which wasn't possible before this latest update from Microsoft).

    So, now it is possible to run XP Mode also in a virtualized Win7 environment, without any additional software: well, it is of course a little slower than on a natively booted machine, but usable... :-)

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Windows Virtual PC – no hardware virtualization update now available for download