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With our recent update to Windows Virtual PC that allows it to run on systems without hardware virtualization support – I have been flooded by a stream of people asking what hardware it will run on / if it will run on their system.

The short answer is: If it can run Windows 7, it can run Windows Virtual PC.  Note that Windows 7 has a requirement of needing a 1GHz processor – so that should help you qualify your system.

To drive this point home, I provide the following bit of evidence:

This is a photo of OS/2 Warp 3 running on Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 on my Dell Vostro A90 netbook (the Vostro A90 is basically the business version of the Dell Mini 9).  This is a system with an Intel Atom N270 processor – which means it runs at 1.60 GHz and has no hardware virtualization support.

And as you can see – it works just fine.


P.S. Friday afternoon nerd challenge: Can you identify all the hardware that is sitting in the background / around the netbook?

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  • i spy a c-64 back there. does vpc work there, too? maybe under GEOS?

  • I see a GameCube controller, and a MadCatz (or however you spell it) XBox controller.  360 controller on the right.

    A poor, unplugged, lonely VGA (or DVI?) monitor cable sits in the back.

    Game Informer Aug 2010 issue there too.

    Some weird Logitech trackball thing on the left?

    REALLY old keyboard back there, I'm not gonna try to guess what that's from.  It's probably older than me.

  • Good work guys!

    Sean - yes that is a c-64.  No it does not run Virtual PC :-)

    Dan - Fantastic job nailing the controllers!  And yes, it is a logitech trackball.  And the "old keyboard" is the Commodore 64 that Sean caught.

    Of course - no one has identified the two laptops beside the netbook yet :-)



  • It's a Commodore Pet. Did I win a prize?

  • The laptops looks very much like my toshiba portege m400...?

    PS: Does this change to vpc mean that it will be availabe on win2k8r2 also? (I have hyper-v, but the "integrated" mode of vpc looks nice)

  • I think I see Atari Joystick behind the A90.  It's the red thing with the white button on top.

  • Hi, Can you run Virtual PC on the Windows 2008. I am aware of Hyper-V but it is bit of an overkill for me.

  • actually, the joystick is a wico command control bat handle.

    wico was, i believe, eventually owned by atari, tho

  • Steinar -

    Yes! Actually it is a m400 siting on top of an m200.

    Sean -

    Also correct.  The Wico works with Atari / Commodore / Sega Megadrive (happy coincidence on that one).  It is currently connected to the Commodore 64.

    Steinar / Kris -

    No, Windows Virtual PC is still limited to running on Windows 7.



  • Do you need more Commodore 64s?  I have a couple as well  :-)

  • BrianEh -

    Oohh, I may have to take you up on that.  I have a side project on modding my Commodore 64.  I have converted my one to use composite out (instead of RF out) and have been working on a parallel adapter for it :-)



  • On my Windows 7 laptop without virtualization support (Conroe core), WVPC runs XP Mode extremely slow. Screen drawing is so slow that menus take seconds to appear after clicking. Same does not happen with VPC 2007 SP1, VirtualBox or VMware Workstation? What could be wrong? I have enabled integration components yet performance is too slow.

  • The gray cables snaking in the back are KVM cables (Monitor/PS2 keyboard/PS2 mouse).

    Now what is that dial near the C=64 power supply?

  • WICO joysticks were the best :)

    The Logitech is a Trackman FX, I believe.  Served me well for many years.

  • Windows Virtual PC is a big fail. I installed XP Mode. It completed successfully and auto publish is enabled, I have checked the registry to make sure my app is not blacklisted, put the shortcut in All users Start menu, logged out and hibernated yet my Start menu in Windows 7 only contains shortcuts to XP Mode and WVPC. Not a single shortcut to any app under an "XP Mode Applications" folder as I see in screenshots. Auto publish is a broken mess. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling but to no avail.

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