Windows Virtual PC Everywhere

Windows Virtual PC Everywhere

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With our recent update to Windows Virtual PC that allows it to run on systems without hardware virtualization support – I have been flooded by a stream of people asking what hardware it will run on / if it will run on their system.

The short answer is: If it can run Windows 7, it can run Windows Virtual PC.  Note that Windows 7 has a requirement of needing a 1GHz processor – so that should help you qualify your system.

To drive this point home, I provide the following bit of evidence:

This is a photo of OS/2 Warp 3 running on Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 on my Dell Vostro A90 netbook (the Vostro A90 is basically the business version of the Dell Mini 9).  This is a system with an Intel Atom N270 processor – which means it runs at 1.60 GHz and has no hardware virtualization support.

And as you can see – it works just fine.


P.S. Friday afternoon nerd challenge: Can you identify all the hardware that is sitting in the background / around the netbook?

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  • Ben,I have an Acer Netbook that has the Atom N520 (which supports VT) but Acer did not provide an option in th eBIOS to enable it.  When I try the patch from your link to use XP Mode (VPC) without the need for VT, the patch stops saying my computer does not need it.  So, the obvious question is, how do I get around this cicular issue?  Acer has no intention of releasing an updated BIOS. Thanks.

  • Does VPC really work well with these lower based hardware?

    Does x64 host Os helps in the performance of the guest Os?

    I love the VPC with XP mode. it does wonders supporting "should be thrown away n upgrade " software in my office.

    I have a .net programmer who need both SQL 2000 and 2008 manager on her windows 7 desktop.

    It works great with the apps published on her shortcuts.

  • Laptop; Toshiba Portege M700??

    Anyhow a tablet PC! :)

  • It would be nice to now have an update to the extensions (integration components), so that at least the mouse can go in and out and clipboard sharing works as in the past.

    I mean, for the older versions of Windows, ideally for those supported by Virtual PC 2004 and 2007.

  • You mod you C-64 ?

    Total Respect Ben :)

    The C-64 was a MYTHIC computer with a awesome sound chip.

    I actually Mod my A 1200 (Add a PCMCIA NIC and a Compact Flash HD).

    Amiga was one of the greatest machine i've ever had.

    Commodore was great :)

  • just wondering if it supports Desktop Integration features with non MS OSes... I want to run a virtual Ubuntu install, but want the painless desktop integration I get with VMWare Player...

  • Okay, I'll see if I can get these right without looking at the other comments:

    * Commodore 64 computer (what's the cartridge -- is it either the Epyx Fast Loader or Simon's Basic?)

    * WICO joystick (the red handled joystick)

    * Mad Catz Xbox/Xbox 360 controller (looks more like the classic Xbox model)

    * Game Cube controller

    * Logitech marble mouse

    * White Xbox 360 controller

    Not certain about the silver keyboard or the two laptops, but the laptops do look something like either a Dell D600 series or maybe a Toshiba model.

    How'd I do? =)


  • wow  a C=64 that's actually hooked up and running...  Mines in a milk crate in the garage along with the disk drive, CP/M cart, etc.

    Still can't figure out what Commodore cartridge that is..  of course the one that was most worth having was the 'fastload' one that drastically sped up access to that abomably slow 1541 disk drive.

    So if here's a C=64 in the pic, I'm betting that somewhere nearby just out of frame is a M.U.L.E. disk..

  • I'm trying to install OS/2 on Windows Virtual PC now that doen't need hardware virtualization anymore.

    But I got two

    1) I can not found how to mount a diskette image on the settings. Any tips on how to mount diskettes now ?

    2) There is no longer the additions software for OS/2 available on the ISO image. Can the one from the older Virtual PC be used ?

  • That is an official commodore "clown" cartidge.  I spent many a hour playing that dumb game as a kid, lol.  I'm very curious about the device you have it plugged into though.  I dont recall ever seeing one of those.  It seems to have some knob for adjustments.  What is that thing?

    That is a normal WICO Command Control joystick and not the delux model.  You can tell becuase it has has the raised black neck area below the bat.  The delux model has a HUGE red base and a flat black top so it can house a full size WICO arcade joystick.  WICO was never owned by Atari and they are still in business making arcade sticks to this day.

  • JSW1113 -

    Have you checked to make sure that Windows Virtual PC is properly installed before trying to enable the update?  I have been able to apply this update to systems that have full (and working) VT support - pointless, yes - but it should still work.

    Simon -

    On the netbook it "works" - I would not say that it "works well".  You have to be patient at times :-)

    Martin -

    Seach my blog and you should find a script for using the floppy disk with Windows Virtual PC.

    Kodai -

    Yes!  It is Clowns.  And as a number of people have asked - the device sticking out the back of the Commodore (with a silver knob on it) is game port expander that allows me to have 4 Commodore cartridges connected at the same time.  The silver knob is a big mechanical switch that allows me to switch from one cartridge to the next (this is very handy in reducing wear and tear on the old faithful system)



  • Game port expander, thats sweet!  I never new that the C64 had one of those. I had something that did the exact same on my CoCo 2 and CoCo 3.  It had four ports as well.  It was called the "multipack interface"  I was always swapping out my serial ports, disk drive, telcom software cart and games.  Then one day, nothing seemed to work.  I took a good look at the port and saw that one of the brass fingers on the internal male type edge connector had flaked off.  So with enough begging (and promise of getting the multipack) Tandy replaced my CoCo 2 and there were no more problems.  

    I only had a couple of carts for my C64, and 90% of its working life, it just had the fastload cart by epyx.  I also used a *ahem* special cart that helped make my needed backups.  It was called the "expert", and it was one of my all time favorite add ons.  ^_^  

  • I installed Win 7 on my desktop JUST to try the new VPC. Great that it runs OS2 (albeit slower than any previous version), but what happened to OS2 Additions? Drag and drop between host and guest was a GOOD thing, as was "capture floppy/CD".

  • martin, I feel your pain. I cannot believe that they killed the floppy access.

    Ben, I just read through the posts you referred martin to. You have to be joking with the scripts.  You have a great site here and your posts have helped me through some major problems, but your team missed this one by a mile.

    I have been using VPC since long before MS bought Connectix. The support they used to offer was INCREDIBLE, as I'm pretty sure they understood what VPC was being used for. Legacy systems.

  • Hi Ben,

    I'm getting a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL when I try to run VirtualPC on a PC without hardware VT:

    BCCode: d1

    BCP1: 00000000

    BCP2: 00000002

    BCP3: 00000000

    BCP4: 00000000



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