DPM 2010 and SCE 2010 RTM

DPM 2010 and SCE 2010 RTM

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Today we announced the RTM release of Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 and System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010.  If you are unfamiliar with these products – DPM is our enterprise backup solution, while SCE is a “all in one” management solution for mid-sized organizations.

Both of these release bring new functionality that is of particular interest to Hyper-V users.

Data Protection Manager 2010 adds a bunch of new backup scenarios that are now supported with Hyper-V.  Two that stand out particularly are:

  • Support for backing up virtual machines that are stored on a cluster shared volume
  • Support for restoring individual files from inside virtual machines that were backed up at the management partition level.

While System Center Essentials 2010 adds the ability to manage Hyper-V to its existing set of functionality.

You can read more about these releases on their respective product pages:


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  • How do I install DOS 6.22 under VPC 2007? I read your blog post. Using the WPC 2004 floppy disk image doesn't work anymore. Did you break that with some "update"?

    I get the following message over and over..


    "Booting from hard disk...

    Cannot load from harddisk

    Insert Systemdisk and press any key.


    Why is that? If this should work with LEGACY systems why do you REMOVE WORKING FEATURES?

    I've spent the last two hours trying to get this work, I am incredibly f*'ing pissed.

  • You need to boot from DISK1 of the MS-DOS 6.22 setup disk to install MS-DOS.

    The error you are getting is that there is no MBR on the hard drive, so you need to boot from the MS-DOS floppy to setup the HD.

    If you already do have a  floppy inserted/captured and you receive the same error message then that means that the floppy is not bootable so either the floppy is corrupted/not formatted/or is not bootable.

  • Well in the instructions posted here...

    Installing DOS additions under VPC 2007:


    That isn't talked about at all.

    That article says I need to use the DOS Additions .VFD as the virtual floppy boot. Except that VPC refuses to boot using that .VFD file provided in VPC 2004. If I go download FreeDOS, I can boot with no problem from the CD-ROM. I went into the virtual BIOS and checked to make sure the boot order, etc. was correct. It all is.

    The problem for me is that without some "Additions" installed on the virtual machine, I have no way of accessing shared folders from the real machine.

  • These directions are just about installing the Additions on MS-DOS.  You need to have DOS installed first - and then follow the process outlined.  And no - the article does not say to use the additions VFD as the boot disk (which is something that will never work).



  • Any idea when these will be available to MSDN/Technet subscribers as a download?

  • Hello. I can't find VMAddition.iso? Where can i download VMAddition.iso

  • Anyone know what the differences are between VPC7 (WIndows Virtual PC on Windows 7) and Virtual PC 2007?  I ask because we see Virtual Machines that run great under 2007, but are slow and clunky under VPC7.  They are the Same VHDs and have had the addons updated accordingly.

  • Hi All,

    Can I Install SCE 2010 and DPM 2010 in a single box. If I Install what problem will happend.

    Please advice

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