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After a bit of turbulence, it looks like we are up and running on the new blog engine.  I am really happy about this – as it makes it a lot easier for me to customize the look and feel of the blog without having to hack things up too much.

For the time being – things should look pretty much the same as they use to – but there are some changes that I should point out:

  • To comment on a blog post – you need to click on the post title, then you will see the comment section at the bottom
  • To access files that are attached to a post – you also need to click on the post title
  • If you look closely at the top of my blog posts you will see some new options:


    The two icons on the left let you choose between viewing full posts on my main page, or just viewing excerpts.  “Most Recent”, “Most Views” and “Most Comments” allow you to change the way posts are sorted.

I have also used the blog engine change as an opportunity to enable comments on all my posts (comments used to get disabled after 90 days).  I have done this because readers of my blog seem to be genuinely nice people who help each other out in the comments Smile

Finally – we are now using Windows Live ID to sign in for the blogs, but you can also make anonymous comments if you want to.



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  • Hey - is this Blog hosted on a Virtual Machine? :-)

  • As far as I know - no.  But I should talk to the guys who run it to see if they can :-)



  • But you LOVE to hack stuff up!

  • Don't worry - there is still going to be plenty of hacking happening.  One thing that I am really happy about is that with the new engine my blog displays correctly on small screens (like the iPhone) which it did not used to do.



  • Hi Ben,

    nice update. I like the new look :)

    Could you please look at the issue I posted here:

    Why does the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bug checks occurs when running Virtual PC on a Centrino Notebook (Pentium M) (without hardware VT)?

  • The new blog engine my be nice, but how can I search articles of the blog?

    If I use the search function all of msdn will be searched and not just your blog!

  • Sean Here, Blogs PM. Actually all our IIS Servers for the Blogs are VM's :).

    As to search within a blog. Stay tuned for our next update in a few weeks. That should be enabled at that time.

  • It actually is quite "cool" when you have no clue if you are working with a physical machine or a VM.

  • Sean -

    Sweet!  I will have to get all the details off you :)



  • So....chances of this being read because it's in the wrong spot - excellent!

    But----here goes anyway.

    If I have 5 snapshots of single VM - how can I take notes as to their content? Right now I resort to pencil/paper technology. Which involves pencil and paper.  

    With all that whitespace in the Hyper-V manager - how about some text fields?????

  • Dave -

    You can already associate notes with a snapshot.  Just select the snapshot in question, click on settings, and go to the "Name" entry.  There is a large notes field here where you can put in any information that you want.



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