Windows Server 2008 R2: Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster == Cool!

Windows Server 2008 R2: Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster == Cool!

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Our documentation team has done a great job of putting together a detailed Windows Server 2008 R2: Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster.  They were nice enough to give us on the development team some physical copies – but you can download the .PDF to create your own:


The poster provides details on the inner workings of things like:

  • Virtual Networking
  • Virtual Storage
  • Live Migration
  • Virtual Machine Snapshots
  • Virtual Machine File Management



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  • any chance you can ask your friends in marketing where partners can get physical copies of these posters?

  • The downside of termination of the prinrted magazine - no access to the great posters.

  • This is amazing, seriously cool work. It explains everything so clearly. I'm gonig to Kinkos to get this printed.

  • Cool!!!!

  • Is there an error in the "MOVE" and "COPY" section of the poster?

    It says:

    "Moving a Virtual Machine: When you move an existing virtual machine, a new virtual machine ID is generated."

    "Copying a Virtual Machine: When you copy a virtual machine or restore a backup copy of a virtual machine, the previous virtual machine ID is reused."

    Isn't it the other way around? Or, am I just confused in the way it is worded?

    - Ryan

  • Ryan Pertusio -

    Ga! Yes, you are right.  There is always a mistake somewhere on these posters - and you found it.  Sigh...



  • This poster is no longer avaiable.

  • Yes - I reported the error to the creator of the poster, and I believe he may have been too zealous trying to get an updated version up.  Hang tight - it should be back soon...

  • I hear there might be some printed posters at TechEd :)

  • Okay - the link is fixed now!

  • Seriously, this is so cool. I'm amazed at the work level that must have went into this. I can't believe its free. Did you do this Ben?

    Best documentation I've seen on Hyper-V.  

  • No - this was done by one of our technical writers - Martin McClean.



  • My wife sent this poster to her Grad Students on an example of how NOT to make a poster. LOL.  This might be the most confusing stuff I have ever seen in my life.

  • Peter -

    ?  Given that the goal of this poster is to convey a large amount of technical information I do not understand your point.  If it were meant for a different purpose (like advertising) then I would agree with you.



  • Hello,

    is there any chance that the Visio source of this behemoth is available somewhere?

    a_konev at

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