In Czech “Guest” is “Host”...

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I think I may have just seen my favorite localization bug report to date.  A tester recently opened a bug against our Czech localization of Hyper-V – where the sentence:

The guest operating system (guest) is the operating system that runs inside the virtual machine

Was localized into:

Hostovaný operační systém (host) je operační systém, který běží uvnitř virtuálního počítače

The tester saw this section of the localized string:

Hostovaný operační systém (host) je operační systém, který běží uvnitř virtuálního počítače

And immediately thought that not only had the string not been translated – it had somehow been swapped from “guest” to the opposite term “host”.  When this was sent to the localization team – their response was quick:

The Czech word for “guest” is actually “host”.


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  • Funny!

    <Todd />

  • ...and that's why professional products should never be localized. We (I'm Czech) have more of such funny translations and communication between people using terms in English anyway and the ones using official localization. We are unable to understand eachother ;-)

  • Yesterday I got a RT about the Dutch word for client "klant", where in Swedish a "klant" means an "idiot". Languages are fun.

  • Hi, I've got a question about running MS-DOS in VPC2007. I cannot resize the VM window when running MS-DOS7.10 in VPC2007. How do you solve this?

    I've installed VM additions from VPC2004 and try to use different settings in Display menu, but nothing seems to work. I know you can resize the window when running Windows XP and I can't understand why this doesn't work in MS-DOS...

    P.S.: Thanks for providing so much useful information about Virtual PC on your blog. I don't have a twitter account, that's why I'm posting my question here

  • Smith -

    Unfortunately there is no way to do this.



  • Too bad.

    Anyway, thanks for your response! :D

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In Czech “Guest” is “Host”...