Installing Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 Home Editions

Installing Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 Home Editions

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For a while now I have been seeing random people complaining about the fact that they cannot install Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 Home Editions (Basic or Premium).  This always struck me as odd – as I was sure that this was a supported configuration – but I did not reply as I did not have the time to try this configuration myself and confirm that it did in fact work.

I finally had the chance to try this out – and while I can confirm that running Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 Home Editions is supported and does work – I also stumbled upon the probable cause of peoples confusion.

If you go to the official Virtual PC website ( and indicate that you are running Windows 7 Home – you will be (correctly) informed that you are not eligible to run Windows XP Mode:

Windows 7 Home - VPC - 2

Unfortunately this page does not explain that you are eligible to run Windows Virtual PC.

To clarify – “Windows Virtual PC” is the virtualization program that allows you to create and run virtual machines on Windows 7.  “Windows XP Mode” is a free pre-configured Windows XP virtual machine.  “Windows XP Mode” is not available for people running Windows 7 Home editions; but these users can download Windows Virtual PC and use a separate (fully licensed) copy of Windows XP to create their own Windows XP virtual machines and get all the functionality of Windows XP Mode.

You can download Windows Virtual PC directly from here:

And as you can see – on this page it does state that Windows 7 Home editions are supported:

Windows 7 Home - VPC - 4

Hopefully the main webpage can be updated to make this less confusing in the future.


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  • I have windows 7 64bit and i downloaded from the link validated my windows like it told me entered the code and it allowed me to download windows Vpc . then after that i restarted my computer. clicked on windows vurtual pc it opend up a black folder basicly but at the top near the search bar it says create new vpc i clicked that wrote a name for it basicly clicked yes on every thing from there . then it now shows that i have a virtual pc. ok so stop!!! take all that in. ok now go find your windows xp copy or windows vista what ever your trying to make VPC pf and insert into your disc drive. dont let it load click exit if it does. no click your new VPC that is now inside that originally blank folder all of yall have bitched about. click on it and it should automatically run the disk and no you can instal windows on your VPC and walah all done. its simple. btw i dont care about my spelling.

  • After doing what "it works" says I got a small window which is black inside with gray words & numbers which did a few things for a while and then it said "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device"

    please help

    Oh and also the disk I used was a Windows 95 upgrade disk and maybe it didn't work because it was an upgrade and not just the actual full thing

  • Student from Wisconsin.  Thanks, this did clear this matter up.  Now to do some virtualization.

  • i need urgetly installing the enternet and windows 7-genuine

  • I'm getting a window that's asking form me to install the genuine windows validation component?  Do I have to do this?

    Can I just go directly to the page where I can update Virtual PC exe?

  • I have the Windows 7 Home Premium edition, so I hope someone can give me the direct link so I can upload the exe file for Virtual PC.

    I hope someone can help me!  Please!!!!

  • Yes, as you have rightly said, the two MS web pages are clashing!

  • Thank you for your helpful site.

    I have Win7 Home Premium and wish to install a Win Virtual PC on my Win764bit machine.

    I went here

    and downloaded the x64.msu  (16,3 mb)

    Then to run it, the machine started.

    What now? Where is the application?

    I don't see an Icon, when I click on Windows Virtual PC (Start menu) I'm sent to a directory containing a desktop.ini file.

    I can't rely on Microsoft's website for clear & cogent instructions.

    Many thanks.

  • lost my disc for windows 7 home edition

  • it is showing  -windows xp mode is not available on this edition of window eventhough i have window7 home basic

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