Gaming on Windows Virtual PC

Gaming on Windows Virtual PC

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Long time readers have – rightly – complained that I have not been talking about gaming in virtual machines very much recently.  The main reason for this is that I have been wanting to write this post before starting to post about gaming generally on Windows Virtual PC, and frankly I have been procrastinating.

With Windows Virtual PC – using Virtual PC to play old games improves in some areas, and gets worse in other areas.  Before I get into the details – I would like to remind everyone: Windows Virtual PC was not designed for playing computer games, it is just something I like to do with it.  With that out of the way - here is a list of the good and the bad:


  • USB support

    Where USB support helps with the gaming enthusiast is for the use of joysticks / game controllers.  Historically the joystick support for Virtual PC has been so bad that for all intensive purposes there was no joystick support.  Now with the ability to use a USB joystick some games (like X-Wing) go from pure pain to absolute joy.

  • Integrated window mode

    If you are trying to play a Windows game that can run in a windowed mode – the integrated seamless window support in Windows Virtual PC is very nice (as shown in this post about SkiFree)

  • New threading model

    Windows Virtual PC uses a different threading model to Virtual PC.  Specifically, it uses the Virtual Server threading model.  This comes into play in two specific scenarios. 

    The first one is that when you are running multiple virtual machines they will be run on separate processor cores in your system (particularly useful if you are playing a DOOM death match against yourself). 

    The second one is that some of the emulated devices (like video) are threaded differently.  This will not help all games – but some games (like DOOM again) get a noticeable boost in speed.

  • Compatibility

    The final good point is that despite all of the changes to Windows Virtual PC – the high level of compatibility from Virtual PC 2007 has been maintained.  What this means is that if you can find a post from me talking about a game running on Virtual PC 2004 or 2007 – then it is close to guaranteed that the game will also run under Windows Virtual PC.


  • Still no 3D graphics support

    Windows Virtual PC does not add support for hardware based 3D graphics.  In fact, thanks to RemoteFX, Hyper-V may well be a better option for people looking for 3D graphics (though that is a topic for another day).

  • USB support and integrated windows are only available for Windows XP and later

    If you have a DOS or Windows 98 based game that you want to run under Windows Virtual PC – you cannot use these features.

  • 2D video performance

    The video display in Windows Virtual PC is definitely slower than in Virtual PC 2007.  The reason for this is because of the changes made to support integrated window mode – but unfortunately non-integrated modes are affected as well.  Most of the time performance is still acceptable – and some times it is even better – but there are times when you will see some vertical tearing that would not have happened with Virtual PC 2007.

  • No full screen scaling

    Windows Virtual PC does not scale a virtual machine that is running at a low resolution when a virtual machine is put into full screen mode.  Instead – it uses letterboxing (big black borders) so you get something that looks like this:


  • One annoying video bug

    There is one annoying video bug – it only affects the virtual machine when you run a program at 320x200 resolution (this happens to be used commonly by DOS games, and pretty much nowhere else).  The bug works as follows:  if you have a virtual machine running at 320x200 resolution everything will work correctly:


    But, if you then move the virtual machine window something strange will happen:


    You will get a 20 pixel band of grey above and below the display.  The only way to get rid of this is to exit the game (so you change back to text mode) and move the virtual machine window again.  Not the end of the world – but definitely annoying.

  • No DOS integration components

    Specifically, there is no support for folder sharing.  I get around this by using the native virtual hard drive mounting support in Windows 7 to get files in and out of my DOS virtual machines.

Well, that is the definitive “good & bad” list of gaming on Windows Virtual PC.  Now I can get back to my regular gaming posts Smile


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  • hmm for running really old games DosBOX does a great job, and in runs windows 3.1 as well...if you can remember any classic win3.1 games :)

  • Hi Malcolm,

    While that may be true - it is not a product that I work on.



  • Just a few days ago I learned about that USB limitation the hard way when I wanted to use my virtual machine to test a bootable USB disk...

    I've never really been a huge fan of the changes that were made in Windows Virtual PC.  I mainly use Virtual PC as a quick sandbox for testing various applications, scripts, or configuration changes.  So when I start up a Virtual PC... I really don't want to simulate an RDP session!  Therefore, I mostly leave the integration features off, and that works well enough until I try to copy & paste between the host and the virtual.  Always annoying...

  • *cough* all INTENTS AND purposes:

    It's been a while since I've tried to play any old games in Virtual PC, in fact I don't think I've tried it in "XP Mode" yet. Most of the ones I care about are LucasArts adventures, which play well in ScummVM. Escape from Monkey Island (MI4) doesn't, because it's not a SCUMM game, but it won't play well in any virtualization because it uses 3D acceleration (characters are 3D, but backgrounds are 2D digital art, very much like a theatre environment). From what I recall it doesn't run under Windows 7 natively.

  • Hi Ben,

    I've also noticed that. Since the time I started to use Virtual PC I've found another hit release where this issues with the video performance happens:

    - The first was in Virtual PC 5.1. The difference of the video emulation (I don't know if related to the emulated S3 or the motherboard bus) between this version and the next (5.2) was something everybody stated. It was more notorius on slow PCs or hosts with few RAM (256 MB).

    - Now, as you stated, Virtual PC to Windows Virtual PC.

    I know that in emulation terms, generaly as long as you get a better emulation of a system it becomes slower compared to first or medium releases due to the fact that you insert many HLE optimizations avoiding some functions to make the emulator faster. But as you're getting closer to perfect emulation, you have to emulate the "hard things" that the original hardware do and that implies significant performance hit as the processor must do that part.

    But here, in Virtual PC, what happened? Because I see that the way Microsoft is approaching this is by using syntetic hardware (as seen on Hyper-V where if I'm not wrong, ALL is syntetic hardware (even the mouse)) and that would result in a faster result, not slower.

    Maybe I'm missing something?



  • When i try to play diablo on the Windows Virtual PC (xp edition) it says that it cant find certian things and it wont play at all

  • Jaafar -

    What is the exact error message that you get?



  • You mention Virtual PC supports USB joysticks but even though Windows 7 sees them okay Virtual PC doesn't show up any HID in the USB menu to be able to attach it to the virtual PC. Guess it's no Tie Fighter for me. :(

  • I uninstalled Windows Virtual PC and installed Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1.  It has much better support for DOS, including faster graphics, folder sharing, and full screen expansion/scaling.

  • Seems great. Why don't you try to update this blog more often, seems like you're having lots of visitors here.

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  • Howdy!

    Right you mention USB joysticks work with this, however I have spent the last two hours (yes, only) trying to get my attack 3 to run (Aye, I want to use this to run old games) but simply can't . Now my installer for virtual PC is not the newest. Does a later version provide support here? I thought I'd ask before losing "airtime" unnecessarily.


  • Hi, I can run all my old games perfectly!

    But when I use the setup file, to set up sound for games like BLOOD, Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, ect.

    It won't let me set it up.. any idea how to set up the sound card?

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