Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 RTM–Now available for all!

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I am very happy to see that the final version of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 is now available for everyone.  You can either wait for it to appear through Windows Update – or you can go and download it from here:

Some general pointers for people:

If you are updating from a beta or RC version of SP1 you will need to follow the guidance that I provided here (note that while this post is written for going from SP1 beta to SP1 RC, the same steps and caveats apply for beta to RTM or RC to RTM).

If you have not tried out SP1 yet – some good places to start are:


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  • Upgraded my HyperV server last night.

    Process was painless.

    WHS Guest did pop up a few alerts about disks failing while I was updating the integration components (presumably because the drivers were being updated), but they were just temporary.

    Next step is to put a video card back in the HyperV server so I can try out the RemoteFX stuff.


  • I have upgraded all my servers and had no problems either.  Good to get a service pack that includes some important Hyper-V and Windows hot fixes.

    Looking forward to the VMM 2008 R2 SP1 release now, that I assume is around 4 weeks away...

  • Thanks Ben. Quick and painless on the hosts. Guests work fine as well. Just a note, dont run the upgrade on too many Guests at the same time as the IO will be hammered on the Storage !!! ( Lesson learned :) )

  • Is there any chance Microsoft will allow XP machines to utilize the dynamic memory in the future?  

  • I just attempted to uninstall SP1 RC with ATI video card drivers installed. This causes my laptop to blue screen upon reboot and a revert from the uninstall attempt.

    I'm going to try to remove the ATI drivers first then remove SP1 and will report back. Hope this helps someone.

  • On my third attempt (to remove SP1 RC), all seems to be working (SP1 RTM installing now).

    The ATI installer in programs and features has a button to remove all ATI software. Contrary to expected behaviour, this does not remove the video card drivers, which must be removed from device manager. A BSOD on atikmpag.sys occurs if this is not done. Ensure that the delete driver check box is clicked when removing, otherwise Windows restarts and then reinstalls the offending driver, which prevents SP1 removal.

    Some keywords for the searchfu of others coming later:

    Dell Studio XPS 15 ATI Videocard atikmpag.sys windows server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 RTM uninstall SP1 RC Blue Screen of Death atikmpag.sys

  • go all good for make in windows7 and windows server2008r in 2.0? v3.3? whant?

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Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 RTM–Now available for all!