Master of Orion II under Windows Virtual PC–part 2

Master of Orion II under Windows Virtual PC–part 2

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A long time ago I blogged about playing Master of Orion II under Virtual PC.  In this post I talked about using the DOS version of Master of Orion II.

Recently I was asked if it was possible to run the Windows version of Master of Orion II under Windows Virtual PC.  I am not entirely sure why you would you would want to do this – as the DOS version continues to work fine – and it is widely known that Master of Orion II was written first on DOS and then ported to Windows (and that the Windows port was not the best quality).

Regardless I thought I would try it out:


And it worked perfectly.  Even the various videos and clips played smoothly.


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  • Will you be running a remotefx series :-)

  • I'm having a slightly odd issue with my virtual pc. I have a 27" monitor and a 32" lcd tv. the tv is connected via hdmi to my video card "permanently". If i start a program (any program) from the start menu (autopubliched) when the program actualy appears it is straddling both displays (so i only see 1/2 of the windows ont he far right of my monitor).

    I saw your post back in 09 talking about spanning multiple monitors, but i sorta have the opposite probelm. If i disconnect the hdmi to my tv (something i dont want to get int he habit of doing everytime i want to run a old program) the window will popup in the middle of my minitor.

    Do you have any reccomendations on how to resolve this?

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