Updated Windows Virtual PC installer

Updated Windows Virtual PC installer

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I missed this one when it came out – but on Valentines day we released an updated installer for Windows Virtual PC.  It can be downloaded here:


If you already have Windows Virtual PC installed – you do not need to update.  But if you are installing Windows Virtual PC today – this is the best package to use, for two reasons:

  • This installer has been updated to work correctly with Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • This installer includes the update for running Windows Virtual PC on systems without hardware virtualization support – so if you are running on one of these systems you only need to run one installer instead of two.


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  • Ah that explains why when I downloaded it (thinking it was a VPC update) it claimed to already be installed... was a bit confusing, I assumed I already had the "patch" somehow.  Thanks.

    Also the software virtualization bit is interesting, never knew they updated it for that.

  • Just installed Windows 7 SP1, and VMs ask to upgrade their integration services. Any interesting fixes in this update?

    And the famous question: Are we going ever going to see Virtual PC hosting 64bit OS?


    George J.

  • At last! It was a real headache trying to direct people to a download of WVPC that didn't include XP Mode, and a real double migraine if they didn't have hardware virtualisation.

    Bookmarked. Thanks for the info.

  • Still this can't be installed on Windows Server 2008 without hardware virtualization, isn't it?



  • Ben, I have a inquire that perhaps one of you could help me resolve.

    I have a Hyper-V implementation that uses CSV as storage strategy. Recently it has come to my attention that we may need to migrate from datacenters and we are evaluating what are the best solutions for minimum downtime.

    As such the 1st thing that popped into my mind was using a storage replication. I have been trying to gather information about enabling the cluster to be geographic but it seems that CSV by default is not friendly with this approach.

    What I want to know if you are aware of a solution that would allow Geo-cluster for hyper-v using CSV.

    Im aware that there are EMC solutions that are able to work as a Geo-cluster  (even maintaining live/quick-migration) when you use 1 LUN per VM or pass-through.

    Any input? Workaround? Suggestion? Third-party tool?

  • Efrain,

    Hyper-V can do Geoclusters. In fact, I'm actually managing some of them. The only problem you have with them is the replication of the disk, wich Windows can't actually do. For that you must use Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows or duplicate the space of the disks making internal software mirrors (RAID1) for each machine. This way you'll have the same content in both SANs.



  • Efrain:

    You can also use products from SteelEye or Double-Take to handle the storage replication:



  • Hi.

    I have a question.

    I have a old PC running Win95 with a Aplication (very OLD). We don´t have the installation disk for aplication. So I want to make a copy of this machine to moutn on a virtual service on a new PC. Do you have some idea how can i make this with virtual PC or some Microsoft product. Somevary told me that if possible with VMWare but i don´t have licenses. :-(


  • When is 64 bit guest OS support coming to Windows Virtual PC? Cannot install Windows Server 2008 R2 for a guest OS as no 32 bit version available.

  • @Deepak Chitnis

    I think never. Rumors say that MS includes Hyper-V in Windows 8. For Windows 7 use VirtualBox or VMWare Player (both are free).

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