How to Build a Hyper-V Cluster Using the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target v3.3

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Just over a week ago – we released the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target for free (details here:

When I found out about this, I thought: “Cool! I should try that out, setup a cluster and blog all about it!”.  So I created three virtual machines and then spent the weekend playing Civilization V and working on a pine-wood derby car with my son…

That did not turn out the way I planned (I did have a lot of fun though).

Luckily; a Hyper-V MVP has come to my rescue.

Aidan Finn has just posted a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target to create a Hyper-V cluster.  So head on over to his blog to read all about it:


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  • Is there a similar post detailing how this might be done on with Hyper-V running on Server Core? I would assume most people are not running Hyper-V in the 'full' Windows version in production.

  • Is it possible to test clustering by just using two VM's on a single parent partition? If so, is there a walk-through on how to do this? I'm just trying to inexpensively introduce myself to the vagaries of clustering without the hardware expense.

  • @THX:  If you just want to test failover clustering and not Hyper-V clustering specifically, then you should be able to do this.  You will need to build two VMs to be your cluster node, then configure the iSCSI initiator in each of them to connect to the shared storage provided by the Microsoft iSCSI Target.  It should work fine for playing around with the tech and getting a feel for how it all works, though I'm pretty sure that would not be a supported configuration.

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How to Build a Hyper-V Cluster Using the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target v3.3