Looking for people to study…

Looking for people to study…

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We are currently conducting usability studies on the Hyper-V Management tools – and are looking for people to study.  If you use Hyper-V Manager and will be in the Seattle area May 2-13, the Hyper-V team wants you! Just email v-jebroo@microsoft.com by April 26 (tomorrow), mention “Hyper-V,” and we’ll follow-up to see if this opportunity is a good fit for you.

We’re eager to hear your input and adjust the product accordingly so future versions of Hyper-V are even easier for you to use!


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  • I'd just love if VMM could do everything that the Hyper-V Management tools could do. I hate using VMM for 95% of Hyper-V management tasks, but then having to RDP directly to an individual Hyper-V host server to do that last 5% of management tasks.

  • It would be a great improviment if the localizations, such as Portuguese (I think you call it Brazilian) were better..

    Many times I have to use the English version to discovery what is being said..  

  • Hi Ben

    Wish I was in Seattle as I'd jump at the offer. My main grip is the Import/Export stuff, the way Hyper-V using symbolic links is a real pain if you recover the Host-OS with all the VM data intact and have to manually re-create symlinks and setup the service SIDs again.

    Would be nice if it was as easy as it is with ESX

  • I can create a little list instantly;

    - I have sometimes some errors in VMM that have to be corrected by editing SQL tables, this is just a real pain. I had VMM to be stuck a few times, and i decided to do an reinstall instead of troubleshooting, as the first time this took way too long. I really like the look and feel of VMM, but im finding that i try to use it as little as possible.

    - VMM has different default settings when creating a VM than the hyperv manager. I understand that there are more settings possible in VMM than in hyperv manager, but it would be nice the default settings in hyperv manager are the same as in VMM, so that all VM's created are equal (said Martin Luther King).

    - the iSCSI config in Windows (this is not a hyperv issue) is somewhat complex, but in ESX/VMware this is much simpeler. As much smaller shops are using hyperv instead of vmware because of costs, there are some hidden costs because of the (unnessary complex) iSCSI config. this also results in incorrect iSCSI configs and results in an preference of vmware over hyperv, which is unnessary in my opinion.

    - The integration tools version check is in the BPA, which i understand to be in that part, but its in another part of Hyperv than the normal management tools. In vmware this is much more obvious.

    - we have some hyperv servers with local storage (2 socket system, 96gb memory and local storage 6x 600Gb SAS disks) and when we reboot 1 VM, all of the VM's suffer performance. This is normal i think, but it would be nice to have some Disk I/O throttling or some mechanism to keep 1 VM to overload the disk subsystem and thereby hitting performance in the other VM's. I know this is hard, but it is a real drawback of virtualisation in my opinion. The same goes for rebooting VM's on a starter-low-budget-SAN (like Dell MD3000i) i think.

    - The WMI plays up sometimes, which results in a hyperv manager to say that there is a shortage of resources. The solution is to kill the wmi process. i have 2 problems with that, first the wmi should be hanging/crashing, if wmi is not stable enough for this, don't use it (i have more issues with wmi with different server roles). And second, this influences the idea that hypver is less stable than VMware. Rebooting a hypervisor is just a pain, even with vmotion or live migration, some apps in the VM's just don't like it..

    - we had some weird things in the hyperv servers (mayby because of the low performance of the Dell MD3000i), which were fixed by rebooting the hyperv servers. We have some vmware servers running on the same SAN and they have way less reboots.

    This is what i can come up with in 10 minutes.. Don't get me wrong, i really LIKE hyperv and because we are a MS shop mostly, VMware costs us way more than hyperv. But there is some room for improvement..

  • Hi Ben,

    Any chance we get to see what the next version of VPC brings? I do miss some of the older GUI features that were removed from VPC 2007 like the floppy disk access, running a script is not the same experience :)

    Anyways, please keep up the good work!

  • Hi Ben,

    I'm using Hyper-V for almost 3 years.

    Is it possible to work with you guys using video conference? i have a few ideas about how to improve Hyper-V.

    You can also enter my blog at: blogs.microsoft.co.il/.../estherfa , the main subject of the blog is Hyper-V and using Powershell to automate the work. (for Hebrew audiance)

    my E-Mail: estherfakiri@gmail.com


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