“The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011”

“The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011”

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Three Microsoft MVPs (Aidan Finn, Damian Flynn and Hans Vredevoort) are currently conducting a survey to try and find out more about how the world is using Hyper-V.

I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to go and fill out their survey – which is located here:


You can also read more about the motivation and goals of the survey on Aidan’s blog.

Please be aware that this is not a Microsoft funded / organized survey – and that I am recommending this as it is being conducted by our MVPs.


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  • Thanks for the plug Ben.  So far, the results are quite interesting.  We can't wait to start sharing them the week before Build.  I'm learning a lot from them, and I think everyone else will too.

  • Thank you for the interesting survey. By the way, on its last page there is a required question about what you want to be included in next version of Hyper-V (Replica and something else). I don't see the use of these features now but I was forced to choose one or both of them.

  • I'm not sure how else you're publicizing this, but by posting it on the Microsoft Virtualization Guy blog you're bound to skew the results.

  • skew the results on a survey asking "why you chose hyper-v"?  How?

    The results must already be skewed since Aiden is a Microsoft MVP.

    It will be presented at a Microsoft event.

    It's not any different than VMWare asking VMWare customers why they chose vsphere, you're asking current customers why they are using the technology.

  • Yeah, I misread the context of the survey.  Once I looked at the questions it was clear that it was targeted at Hyper-V users rather than the general virtualization community.

  • The resuts are out: www.aidanfinn.com  There you can find the raw data, my report, and links to the blogs by Damian Flynn and Hans Vredeveoort, who have their own independent opinions of the data.

  • I split the results in two blogs here:



    Hans Vredevoort

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