Great Wiki Article–“Hyper-V: Gotchas”

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Recently there has been a lot of Hyper-V activity on the TechNet Wiki.  One article that I think is particularly useful is the “Hyper-V: Gotchas” article:

This article currently has over 70 revisions and over a dozen contributors, and it lists the most common problems encountered and mistakes made by people who are new to Hyper-V.  I would strongly recommend that anyone who is starting out with Hyper-V spend some time reading this article in detail.

And if you are an “old hand” at Hyper-V – check it out, and if you see something missing, add it!


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  • I have two separate installations with this same problem - It seems that when I create a virtual Exchange Server installation with two separate (VHD) drives attached the virtual machine slows down to a crawl, takes about 10 minutes to boot, and another 10 minutes before it enables the network card and begins serving clients.

    In both cases I am using Hyper-V R2 on Dell servers. RAM and CPU is not a limitation. I have tried with a shared NIC, a dedicated NIC and a team NIC. In both cases I am using a NetApp SAN on the back end with both VHDs on the same LUN. The NetApp gets a performance/drive usage boost when you create an aggregate with all drives and biuld your LUNs on that aggregate.

    The Guest OS/ Exchange combo is 2008 with all patches and Exchange 2007 with all SPs. The other install is using server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010.

    Anyone seen this before?

  • Go TechNet Wiki Go!

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Great Wiki Article–“Hyper-V: Gotchas”