Hyper-V coming to Windows 8 desktop

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We have just made a post in the Building Windows 8 blog that talks about how Windows 8 will include Hyper-V in the desktop versions of Windows.

Go here to read all about it:



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  • Ben, i would like to hear your comments as well. Below is my post comment from the B8 blog. Thanks.

    "Steven and Matthew,

    I work with hyper-v daily. This is good news for many of us and the feature will be welcomed. My suggestion is along the same lines as what loic and sean have talked about, that is RemoteFX. What I would like to be able to do is load up a headless pc (with a quad proc and 16+ gb of ram) and stick in my closet (where my whs currently sits) with a few copies of B8 and whs2011 loaded up on it. In the other rooms of my house (office, family computer, kitchen, kids room, family room and a few windows slates), I would like to have thin clients using the remoteFX client. I'm hoping that this is the direction you are going. I hope that it's not just a replacement for vpc. That is the kind of innovation i look forward to. That is the kind of innovation that is getting Apple recognized. It's similar to how if I want another phone in my house I don't go out and buy another expensive base station I buy the cheaper expandable handset. I would gladly buy  "base station" or a "home server" if you will, and a few RemoteFX multitouch thin clients. This keeps the upgrade costs down. It would need to be simple. When I buy a new RemoteFX client and start it up for the first time all I should need to do is enter my HomeGroup password and my new OS would be setup automatically on the main pc. Either way, whether this is the direction you are going or not I think that this is the type of thing that people are looking for. Zero maintainance, low cost, flexible solutions.

    Thanks for your solutions. Please keep me from going to the Apple monster. Their solution are becoming tempting. A reply would be appreciated. -Joe"

  • Thanks for your solutions. Please keep me from going to the Apple monster

  • Yeah, it'd be nice to get a comment on whether there'll be RemoteFX support or not. There are two main scenarios that concern me:

    - Client Hyper-V is being suggested as (development) test bed, you'd want the best possible graphics experience from the VM.

    - A decent experience when logging into your desktop from a remote location.

    Personally, I intend to keep a W7 VM running permanently on W8, for compatibility reasons and isolation of certain software. As I'm doing right now with the WDP. Getting decent visual performance would be great.

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Hyper-V coming to Windows 8 desktop