Running DOS fullscreen applications in Windows XP Mode

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Here is a problem that I was asked about a while ago:

When I try to start a DOS application that switches to fullscreen in Windows XP Mode – it fails with an error that states “The video device failed to initialize for fullscreen mode.  Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.”  Why is this happening – and how do I fix it?

The reason why this happens is because Windows XP mode uses Remote Desktop technology for its integrated mode – and Remote Desktop does not support the video modes needed by fullscreen DOS applications.  The simplest way to make this work is to disable integrated mode.

This will get you from failure:


To success:



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  • "The simplest way"? Please also tell us any other ways! ;-)

  • Hi Ben,

    This almost works for my situation but not quite.  Have a DOS app (Motortraxx from Scott Systems) that I can't get to run in full screen mode or even to increase the size of the window to something usable.  Tried disabling integration features but then I can't get to the other XP machine where the app lives because that makes it impossible to either map a drive to the 'server' directory where the .bat lives or use the Win7 host's tsclient\... mapped drive to access the remote xp machine.

    This whole adventure started because an XP box was replaced with an x64 Win7 box. The program won't run there because it's x64.   I upgraded to Professional to install XP Mode and run it there hoping to make things seamless for the user but now it runs but no way to get a decent sized window.

    Appreciate any suggestions you might have.



  • Rob -

    In order to get fullscreen AND networking working in XP Mode at the same time, you will have to change the network adapter settings of the virtual machine to utilize the physical network card instead of 'Shared Networking' adapter. Then the virtual XP will act just like any other machine on the network.

    To Ben, or anyone:

    Here's a real challenge: how about getting full screen mode to work using XP Virtual Application mode? That's one I haven't been able to crack.

  • I have tried this running XP mode, with disabled integration mode. I am running dBas IV version 2.0. The window for dBase remains small, surrounded by a sea of black out to the screen edge. There is no error message. I have tried all the various combinations you can access by rightclicking the dbase icon. (Window, fullscreen, emulate W95, 98, etc. Has anyone had any success with this?

  • There is no tools menu with settings on my win7 virtual XP machine. I cannot run full screen for my dos accounting software. How else do I disable integrated mode? I just downloaded my xp virtual machine to my Win7. Could it be that has been removed?

  • I have the same problem.

    I spent 5 hours with Microsoft and they are unable to shed any light on the problem. I agreed to pay their $99 fee and they tried 2 levels of support personnel and got nowhere.

  • Tools tab will be present only if the XP mode window is NOT maximized

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Running DOS fullscreen applications in Windows XP Mode