Friday Afternoon–hardware time

Friday Afternoon–hardware time

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I spend far too much time in meetings these days.  But I try to keep my Friday afternoons free of meetings – and often use this time to update my various servers and try out new configurations.  Today it is time to rebuild some of my storage:


Specifically I am throwing a bunch of disks into one of my servers and setting up a storage space to play around with (you can learn more about spaces here:

These days I find that the most common cause of performance issues in my virtualized environments is the storage subsystem.  So I try to build systems with as much parallelism in the storage as possible – as I will be running dozens of virtual machines at the same time and a single disk just will not cut it for performance.


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  • Precious hard drives! Ben, could you give hints on your new setup: drive models and number (I see 4 of them), controller, RAID level, type of Windows storage (iSCSI?), partition layout (host OS, VMM space, backup space)? Thank you!

  • I have local storage in each Hyper-V host pretty much just sitting around, idling. It would be great if Windows/Hyper-V let me use that storage. Cluster it... somehow :)

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