Windows Virtual PC Hotfix for AMD Bulldozer Processors

Windows Virtual PC Hotfix for AMD Bulldozer Processors

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We have just published a hotfix for Windows Virtual PC that addresses a compatibility problem when trying to install on an AMD Bulldozer system.

You can download it here:


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  • Good.

    But who now uses the ADM Bulldozer -)

  • It's a hotfix *for* Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 related to Windows Virtual PC. Meaning it can be applied without Virtual PC installed? Or it needs to be applied only after installing WVPC?

  • XPClient - technically, Windows Virtual PC is a feature of Windows.  So a hotfix for Windows Virtual PC is actually a hotfix for Windows.

  • but, since it is a hotfix, if you're not using a Bulldozer CPU you really wouldn't need it, or if you are not using WVPC

  • Was the following bug resolved with this Hotfix:

    - when a Differencing VHD is created with Diskpart on the same PC instead of using WVPC Create Virtual Disk feature, WVPC can't boot from it despite its parent wasn't changed, showing message:

    "One of the parent hard disks of 'L:\...\Test.vhd' appears to have been modified without using differencing disk."

    Why such incompatibility with MS own software?

  • Didn't fix my issues with an 8150 & an ASOS Sabertooth 990FX.  I can now install XP mode, but after the virtual disk is created, it fails to run.  Opening a previously created virtual disk with XP already installed (installed using a retail version) can't get get any cursor of keyboard control.  There is a dialog box that says I need to reactivate the OS, but without cursor control it can't proceed.

  • I wanted to give a follow-up.  I was able to get past my problem by using a dynamic disk instead of a fixed volume size.

  • We don't use bare bones installs anymore. All server deployments are through Hyper-V. It makes more sense to be able to move servers around and will and be hardware agnostic.

  • I've got a "Bulldozer" (FX-8120) Tried to download the OPK and got a page prompting me to enroll in MPN--I don't really HAVE a company to use to enroll. (I suppose I could try my employer...not sure if they'd like that)  I'm just a consumer trying to install XP mode on my Sabertooth 990FX/FX-8120 based system.  Suggestions?

  • @scubabeme

    you don't need the OPK. Install VirtualPC, next install the hotfix, reboot and downlaod the XP Mode setup and run it.

  • Thanks for sharing this great content, I really enjoyed the insign you bring to the topic, awesome stuff!

  • Application of the Hotfix got XP Mode working for me.

  • I, too, was misled by the OPK directions (penalized for taking the KB instructions at face value).

    Once the MS tech sent me the Hotfix link I downloaded, unzipped, clicked Run, then rebooted and can now launch XP Mode in VPC.

    If anybody at MS is listening, a simple note on the KB Article that consumers simply download and run would have saved me several hours over the course of this week.

    And neither of the two techs I engaged with via email thought to give me this simple clarification either.

    In the end it works and is easy enough to employ so I am grateful.


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