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February, 2012

  • Ben Armstrong

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview available now

    In case you have not read any other websites today – you can grab the Windows 8 Consumer Preview now! Full details are here: You should also read some of the great posts on the Building Windows...
  • Ben Armstrong

    How Dynamic Memory helps with Live Migration

    Here is something you probably did not know – dynamic memory can actually help with live migration of virtual machines.  When you live migrate a virtual machine that has dynamic memory enabled, we perform some tricks to help with the overall migration...
  • Ben Armstrong

    How do you manage your VHD space usage?

    A little while ago I published a number of posts discussing the process I used to move my virtual machines from using dynamically expanding virtual hard disks to using fixed-size virtual hard disks.  There were some interesting questions / discussions...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Understanding WMI Job Expiration in Hyper-V

    A long time ago – I blogged about how to handle WMI job objects in Hyper-V. The short story here is that if you script or program against Hyper-V – chances are you will need to look at WMI jobs to find out whether requested operations have...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Looking at Hyper-V Event Logs with PowerShell

    One of our Hyper-V MVPs, Brian Ehlert, has done a great blog post about using PowerShell to inspect Hyper-V Event logs.  You can read all about this here: This...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Friday afternoon hardware

    As is often the case – I have spent most of my Friday afternoon working on my test lab in my office.  This week I have a new toy to play with: That is a pair of 10G network adapters with the appropriate cable to connect them.  This is actually...
  • Ben Armstrong

    PowerShell Script for Exporting a virtual machine

    I need to automate the process of exporting a virtual machine recently – and when I checked around I found that while there are a number of sample scripts out there that show you how to do this (some even on this blog) they are all written in VBScript...
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