Windows 8 Consumer Preview available now

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In case you have not read any other websites today – you can grab the Windows 8 Consumer Preview now!

Full details are here:

You should also read some of the great posts on the Building Windows 8 blog that give you some more information:


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  • Funny you blog about this when Virtal PC is the one environment it won't run in. I came here for info on how to get it working under Virtual PC on windows 7 but no luck.

  • anon -

    True that.  However - it will run in Hyper-V which is also part of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.



  • Hi Ben, is Hyper-V part of the Windows 8 (not server) consumer preview? I don't see references to it anywhere, but had heard it will be.

  • Right, should have read the manual first. I went to "Turn Windows Features On or Off" and ticked Hyper-V, and now my life is better.


  • It appears that RemoteFX is not supported in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview's HyperV, which is very disappointing.

    Can you confirm this, and if it's true, explain the rationale for this decision.

  • will there be an update to Virtal PC itself too?

    (I am still using from 2007...)

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview available now